Posted by Mike on August 31st, 2015

Only Opaques - Carole

In today’s Only Opaques video, Carole is dressed as a naughty red robin hood outfit, complete with sexy white stockings. In this costume she looks simply amazing. It’s not hard to see why she’s one of the most popular Only Opaques models with her luscious legs and stunning figure. In this video, she slips out of her dress and poses in just her red panties and stockings.

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Posted by Mike on August 30th, 2015

Only Opaques - Nikki F

Check out these sexy Only Opaques photos of a beautiful blonde named Nikki F. She’s dressed as a sexy secretary. She’s at the office, but no work is getting done today. Instead, she’s teasing out of her clothes to reveal her black stockings, black bra and her pair of black panties. By the end of the photo shoot, she’s wearing only her panties and stockings.

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Posted by Mike on August 29th, 2015

Only Opaques - Sophia Smith

Today at Only Opaques you enjoy this sexy photo set featuring Sophia Smith. She’s wearing a smart looking secretary outfit with a tan top and matching skirt. However, I’m sure you’re much more interested in her tan colored stockings and suspenders. She teases out of her clothes, showing off all of her sexy nylon covered legs, satin bra and matching thong.

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Posted by Mike on August 28th, 2015

Only Opaques

At first glance, Nicolette looks so sweet and innocent with a certain girl-next-door quality about her. But check out these photos of what’s underneath that sweet exterior. Under her tiny white skirt are long, luscious legs wrapped up in dark gray lace-topped stockings. She is definitely a stunning brunette but seeing her in her white cotton bra and panty with those dark stockings is enough to drive a man crazy. Her legs seem to go on for miles.

Want to see more of Nicolette and her super long, silky covered legs? Only Opaques has hundreds of women just like Nicolette ready to show you their favorite lingerie and nylons. I just want to warn you though, they have the best collection of photos of sexy girls revealing their pantyhose, stocking, and tights that I have ever seen. Not only that, but these naughty girls go even farther to show us what they are wearing–or not wearing–underneath the nylons.

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Posted by Mike on August 27th, 2015

Only Opaques

What is it about a hot blonde in a short skirt that just makes us want to drool all over their legs? Check out these photos of a smoking hot blonde bombshell revealing her brown nylon covered legs. This girl was so sexy in her skirt, sheer brown pantyhose and brown fuck-me boots that I almost didn’t need to see what else she had hiding underneath that outfit. Part of me just wanted to sit there and lick those silky legs all day long.

My naughty blonde had other ideas though. She started to peel off her tight top to reveal a black push-up bra and perfect pert little titties. It got even hotter when she pulled off her mini-skirt and showed me that perfect round ass covered in brown sheer nylon, with only a little scrap of a black thong underneath. And yeah, I made her keep those hot boots on. Want to see more hot girls ready to reveal their sexy nylon covered legs? Only Opaques has the largest collection of photos with naughty women in their pantyhose, stockings and tights. There’s something to satisfy every curiosity and fetish.

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Posted by Mike on August 26th, 2015

Only Opaques

I want to introduce to my co-worker Cammi C. She’s one of those girls that is always parading around the office in short little skirts with her long, toned legs covered in nylons just begging to be touched. Yesterday was no different. She showed up in this little white pleated business skirt that definitely broke all company dress codes. But who is going to complain with those legs wrapped up in white silky opaque tights? Check out these photos of Cammi’s luscious legs and hot lingerie.

I finally couldn’t take the teasing anymore and begged her to show me what kind of lingerie lay underneath that white outfit. I couldn’t believe it when she agreed and started peeling off the layers to reveal a hot push-up black bra with tiny pink flowers. It was so hot to see the matching black panty under those white tights. Want to see more? Only Opaques has hundreds of other girls just like Cammi that are dying to show you their sexy lingerie and silky, soft nylon covered legs. They have the best collection of sexy women revealing their pantyhose, tights, and even their hold-up stocking.

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Posted by Mike on August 25th, 2015

Only Opaques

Normally at five o’clock I pretty much run from my office to get home. Today, however, I had to come back later in the evening to pick up some work I forgot. Imagine my shock when I walked in to find this girl cleaning my office in what looked like a naughty French maid costume. Her luscious legs were encased in silky opaque black stockings. Her dress was so short you could see the garters holding them up. Check out these Only Opaque photos of my very naughty maid.

She could tell I liked what I saw and this hot little slut peeled off her tiny French maid dress to reveal the hottest fire-engine red lace bra and matching lace boy shorts that I have ever seen. Want to see more hotties in sexy stockings and lingerie? Check out the galleries at Only Opaques. They have the largest collection of girls waiting to show you their luscious nylon covered legs. From pantyhose to hold-up stockings and brightly colored tights to silky sheer nudes, they have it all.

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Posted by Mike on August 24th, 2015

Only Opaques

I don’t know about you but I’ve always had a thing for chick in schoolgirl costumes. Check out these Only Opaques photos featuring a very naughty looking co-ed named Tindra. Today, she decided to pair her sexy blue college uniform with a pair of hot blue pantyhose. All day long she had boys whistling at her and trying to grab her ass under the short pleated skirt. By the time she got home, she was so turned on that she really wanted to put on a sexy show for the camera. As she pulled her uniform off she revealed her stunning body and her long, silky nylon covered legs.

Want to see more of Tindra? Click here to visit Only Opaques. They have hundreds of gorgeous babes in nylons, stockings and tights. Check out thousands of photos of hot girls just waiting to show off their nylon covered legs.From bright colored tights to sheer hold-up stocking, Only Opaques has it all. I never knew what the fuss about a chick in tights was until I stopped by and now I’m addicted. I can’t get enough of these sexy covered legs.

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Posted by Mike on August 23rd, 2015

Only Opaques - Loora

Hey guys, I’d like you to meet Loora. She always appears to have a tough rocker-chick vibe going on with her edgy shirts and tight ripped jeans. But once you get her out of those day-time clothes you find that she is a sexy, sultry vixen. Check out these sexy photos of what Loora wears under her jeans.

Today, Loora was feeling extra-sexy and decided to wear her favorite black lace-topped hold-up stockings. She loves the way the feel under the stiff denim and it never fails to turn her on all day long. I don’t know about you but I love the way they make her toned legs look all silky soft. Plus they look really hot with her black bra and matching panty with pink trim. Want to see more of Loora and hundreds of other girls showing off their long nylon covered legs? Check out Only Opaques. They have the best collection of naughty ladies ready to show off their pantyhose, tights and even their hold-up stockings.

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Posted by Mike on August 22nd, 2015

Only Opaques

I am such a sucker for hot lingerie. Every girl I meet, I find myself wondering what they have on underneath their clothes. Especially if they are the buttoned-up business types. Today I had to do an interview with a young girl hoping to have her first internship with our company. She showed up in this little business suit with white stockings underneath and when she sat down, I could see they were being help up with a garter. Forget the interview, I needed to see what else she had under that suit!

Check out this Only Opaques photos of the sexy lingerie that was hiding under the suit. I managed to talk her out of that suit and man, her lingerie was unbelievably hot. Her push-up bra was blueish-purple with lace and polka dots and she had on the matching garter and panties. The hold-up stockings made her legs look silky smooth and luscious. Plus the lingerie made her body look amazing! Want to see more hot girls in sexy lingerie and stockings? Only Opaques has the hottest collection of sexy ladies showing off their pantyhose, stockings and tights. There are thousands of pictures and hours of videos to satisfy any fetish. Stop by today.

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