Posted by Mike on May 31st, 2016

Take a look at these pictures of Jessie ! Jessie is a cute college junior who was looking for a way to make a few extra bucks to get herself through college. When Jessie talked to a friend about finding a job her friend recommended that she meet with a photographer that she'd been working with. Jessie wasn't sure, especially when her friend told her that she would have to show some skin but when she found out how much money she could make she was all for it!

Jessie showed up on her first day wearing her college uniform and when the photographer saw her he told her to keep the uniform on and start to pose for the camera. Jessie was nervous at first but as the photographer started to tell her to try different poses she soon started to get comfortable and even flashed her tiny cotton thong for the camera. Jessie was feeling pretty good as soon as she flashed her panties and grabbing her legs she let the photographer catch a glimpse of her tight round buttĀ  as well. She couldn't believe how amazing it felt to be so naughty and get it caught on camera!

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Posted by Mike on May 30th, 2016

Lindsey Strutt

Wow! Check out these sexy Only Opaques photos of the very busty brunette vixen Lindsey Strutt. She’s posing in a college uniform and a pair of black pantyhose. As you can you see it’s not long before she strips out of her uniform and poses on her bed in just her pantyhose and black cotton panties.

If you like these sample pictures wait until you see the complete photo set inside Only Opaques. There you can get very up close and personal with Lindsey Strutt. Plus, this is just one of her many photo shoots at Only Opauqes. You can see her posing in pantyhose, stockings and tights. I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of new photos and videos from her.

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Posted by Mike on May 29th, 2016


I know you’re going to love today’s brand new Only Opaques video. This erotic video features an exotic looking babe named Fifi in a college unfirom. The whole uniform is sexy, especially what she’s wearing underneath it. She’s soon showing us her white cotton panties and pink holdup stockings. The stockings definitely complete this erotic look.

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Posted by Mike on May 28th, 2016

Only Opaques

Check out these photos of one of my favorite brunettes at Only Opaques. Not only does Kate Booth have some sexy curves, but she also has legs that look incredible in any pair of pantyhose. Today, she’s teasing out of her clothes and showing off a pair of white pantyhose, along with the rest of her delicious figure.

Want to see more of Kate Booth? There’s only one place where you can see all of her nylon photos and that’s at Only Opaques. She’s appeared already a few times already at Only Opaques, where all sorts of stockings and pantyhose. Im hoping that she stops by for another photo shoot or even a video soon.

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Posted by Mike on May 27th, 2016

Sophia Smith

Sophia Smith is back for another exciting photo set at Only Opaques today. This time the redhead babe is wearing a sexy black secretary dress with black stockings and a pair of heels to complete the sensual outfit. It gets even better as she slips out of the dress, revealing her bra and matching panties. However, by the end of this shoot, she’s wearing just her stockings and suspenders.

Want to see more of Sophia Smith and her luscious legs? Click here to visit Only Opaques. If you like Sophia Smith, wait until you see her photo set where she’s dressed as a nurse and wearing bright blue pantyhose or download her video where she’s posing in green pantyhose. She’s appeared twenty times at Only Opaques and I’m sure this won’t be the last that we see of her.

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Posted by Mike on May 26th, 2016

Take a look at these hot pictures of Devon! This naughty blonde teen babe is always looking for ways to slack off from doing her homework and as a result she's not the best pupil in her class but somehow she always manages to eek by – perhaps this has something to do with how amazing she looks in her cute black tights! Well last week Devon was supposed to be working on her final paper for her Physics class and since she hasn't been doing very well in the class at all it was so important that she do well on the paper but the longer she sat there the less she wanted to work.

Devon decided that instead of a paper she was going to take some naughty pictures to show her professor instead! Sitting by her desk in her black pantyhose, white shirt and shorts she gets her roommate to start running the camera duty. Devon flashed her big smile for the camera and then starts to slowly strip. First she slips out of her shorts to show off her cute cotton panties underneath her black opaque pantyhose. Devon starts to get a bit carried away as she sits on her desk and spreads her legs to flash her cotton covered slit!

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Posted by Mike on May 25th, 2016

Get a look at this naughty teen cutie! Oki is a cute blonde Hawaiian flower who is just the sweetest girl you could ever meet but that said she has a ravishing naughty side to her as well! Oki loves to dress up and pose for pictures especially pinup style pictures and pictures where she gets to wear stockings and pantyhose. Oki says that she always feels like a “million bucks” when she wears nylons because they make her feel so feminine and sexy! Lucky for Oki that she has drawers and drawers full of stockings and pantyhose in every color under the sun!

Look through these pictures as Oki starts off in her naughty nurses outfit in her apartment. With those luscious nylons sheathing her legs and her ruby red high heels on her feet she sure does look like a million bucks but things just keep getting better! Watch as Oki slips out of her nurses outfit to flash her lacy bra and her plump perky tits and it's only a matter of a few minutes before she's slipped out of her mesh panties as well and she's flashing that shaved teen slit for the camera!

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Posted by Mike on May 24th, 2016

Take a look at these naughty pics of Luana Lani. Luana Lani is a cute raven haired teen babe who is about as shy as they come. When she's in class Luana always sits at the back and takes her notes but she never talks to other people during or after class and she never speaks up in class either. Luana hates to be the center of attention in public but when it comes to behind closed doors Luana is quite the little minx and she loves to tease her tight teen body in front of the mirror in her bedroom and even in front of the camera once in a while!

Check out Luana Lani in these pictures! She starts off wearing this tight pink turtleneck and a short denim skirt with her black opaque pantyhose underneath. Luana always loves to wear her pantyhose, that soft nylon against her smooth legs makes her feel so sexy and naughty! Watch as Luana slips out of her shirt flashing her perky titties and then dropping her skirt so you can see right through those pantyhose she's wearing through to her tight cotton panties underneath!

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Posted by Mike on May 23rd, 2016

Get a good look at this sexy teen stunner in these pics! Anastasia is a gorgeous brunette teen who works for a pretty big law firm downtown, she'd always hoped to be an attorney herself but for now she needed to save up cash to go back to school so she worked answering phones and filing papers instead. Every day when Anastasia goes to work she wears cute business suits and dresses but she always makes sure to wear really cute bra and panty sets and she never ever goes without her sexy stockings either. Anastasia just can't get enough of the soft nylon rubbing against her legs all day as she walks around the office.

Anastasia's favorite thing to do at work, however, is wait until her boss leaves for meetings and then go in to his office and close the blinds. While she's in there she fantasizes about him walking in on her as she slips out of her suit and lays across his desk wearing just her lacy bra and panty set and her stockings. She knows that if he walks in and finds her one of these days that he'll want to do all the things she fantasizes about him doing to her!

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Posted by Mike on May 22nd, 2016

Take a look at these pictures hot off the press today! Kara is all dressed up with no where to go! Kara was looking through a dress up box she keeps full of her old halloween costumes and just for fun clothes when she dug out this sexy policewoman costume! There is no guy in this universe that wouldn't beg to get arrested by blonde teen Kara in her tiny tight policewoman costume! Kara is always dressing up to show off that tight body and those plump tits of hers but she doesn't always have this much fun but those handcuffs really topped things off for her today and she just can't seem to help herself!

Dressed in a sexy pair of black heels with a tremendous pair of black stockings to match Kara looks like a real tasty treat but paired with that tiny miniskirt and her black “barely holds them in” top and topped with her policewoman's hat she is absolutely delicious! Kara knows that if she even tries to step foot outside of her apartment dressed in her uniform that she'll get mobbed by horny guys but she's toying with the idea anyway because she's pretty sure that she'd have a lot of fun with a few guys handcuffed and locked in her bedroom!

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