Posted by Mike on July 31st, 2016

Natalie Blair is a cute brunette teen hottie who looks absolutely amazing in this huge set of pictures that went up on Only Opaques today. There is really nothing like a hot babe in a colorful pair of nylon pantyhose and when Natalie Blair steps out of her jeans and reveals a pair of bright orange pantyhose it is enough to get any guys cock hard. Check out Natalie in this set of pictures as she poses for the camera and then starts showing off her delicious silky pair of nylons!

Natalie Blair starts off in this set of pics by posing for the camera in a lacy little camisole and a tight pair of jeans. Peeling off her shirt she shows off her perky tits in her plump black bra and next she starts to pull down her tight blue jeans. As she pulls down her jeans and reveals those tasty orange pantyhose she looks at the camera with her bedroom eyes and gets on to all fours to give a good peek at her tiny thong. Turning around to face the camera Natalie slips out of her bra and lets her tasty tits free as well!

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Posted by Mike on July 30th, 2016

Joceline is a gorgeous blonde babe who always makes a big impact when she drops by Only Opaques with a new set of pictures. The thing about Joceline is that she loves to dress up, no matter what the occasion or what the weather outside there is nothing that will stop Joceline from diving in to the toybox and pulling out a fancy dress outfit that will drive all the men wild! This time she picked out a Frauline outfit and decided to reinact a famous musical out in the snow while stripping down to show off her delicious forest green pantyhose right there in the snow! As if those pantyhose aren't hot enough being outdoors in the freezing cold snow where her perky tits and nipples get firmer as they get colder is just too much for some guys to handle!

If you're one of the guys who can handle a babe as hot as Joceline showing off her tight body and her silky green pantyhose out in the snow then you're going to love all of Joceline's friends over at Only Opaques as well! With over 230 models ready and willing to show off their soft nylons with a smile there is no way you will be disappointed!

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Posted by Mike on July 29th, 2016

Melanie Walsh is one of the bigger stars over at Only Opaques and she even has her own website dedicated to all of her pictures and videos of her in her sexy lingerie and underwear! Melanie's recent set of photos that went up over at Only Opaques has been a real hit with Melanie's fans everywhere but also with stocking fans and outdoor fans too! There really is nothing hotter than a sexy teen showing off her delicious black stockings outdoors in nature. Melanie doesn't just show off in nature but she does almost always have on a silky pair of stockings, tights or even leggings once in a while!

Take a look at these pictures of Melanie Walsh as she starts off showing off in her short skirt and tight pink shirt out in the woods but soon enough her kinky streak gets the best of her and Melanie sits down to flash a peek at her white cotton thong and her tasty round ass cheeks. Standing up Melanie slips down her skirt to the ground and feeling the soft wind blowing against her thick opaque tights she feels her pussy starting to get wet.

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Posted by Mike on July 28th, 2016

Carole is definitely a fan favorite over at Only Opaques, with her deliciously short hair and her perfectly shaped legs, toned and held tightly by soft nylon stockings. Carole works part time as a secretary but when no one is at work she likes to play the part of a naughty stripper and show off her long legs in her sexy nylon stockings, her tight, toned body and her plump juicy ass. Just watch Carole in these pictures as she poses in her secretary outfit. Slipping out of her shoes she drops her skirt to the floor and shows off her soft stockings and her plump thighs with her suspenders hanging on desperately.As she begins to strip she can't help but rub her hands up and down her thighs and the way the soft nylon feels under her fingers makes her wet with anticipation.

If you love naughty teen babes showing off in their nylons, stockings and pantyhose then you are really going to love the girls over at Only Opaques! With over 230 models and over 145,000 pictures of sexy teens in their delicious nylon lingerie Only Opaques is the hottest website on the net for girls in nylons! Only Opaques also has over 430 videos of all exclusive teen babes.

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Posted by Mike on July 27th, 2016

Iryna is a gorgeous blonde babe who looks absolutely amazing in pantyhose and stockings of any color but just take a look at these most recent photos of Iryna in her chocolate brown pantyhose. It takes a long delicious pair of legs to make a pair of pantyhose and stockings look good and Iryna has those legs without a doubt! To make it even better Iryna shares a love for nylon that many of her fans share and when they ask her to wear a certain pair she doesn't hesitate to do it because it always means getting a new pair of pantyhose!

Watch Iryna in these pictures as she starts off just showing off her long luscious legs in her chocolate colored pantyhose. Her low cut brown dress cuts down to her tits and her plump pillowy cleavage spills out. As she kneels on the couch she lifts her dress to show the seam of her nylons that runs across her big round ass cheeks but as soon as she runs her hand across the soft nylon she can't help but start to strip. Slowly at first she peels off her dress and her massive titties fall out and as she stands there in her chocolate nylons she can't stop herself from running her hands up and down her nylon sheathed legs.

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Posted by Mike on July 26th, 2016

Take a good long look at these pictures of sexy nurse Tindra that just went up on Only Opaques today, there is nothing hotter than a naughty nurse outfit except maybe Tindra in a sexy nurse outfit! This cute blonde teen works as a nurse when she's not modeling but her uniform is never unbuttoned at the neck and she wouldn't dare to wear her sheer silky stockings to work either for fear of giving some of the older guys heart attacks! What a way to go though right? Headed out of this world with a gorgeous nurse bending over you in stockings – there are definitely worse ways to go!

Watch Tindra in this set of pictures as she starts off just posing for a few pics but then she starts with the flirting. At first she just pulls aside her collar to show her plump tits but then she lifts her skirt to show off her thighs, her delicious panties and the tops of those sheer nylon stockings. Kneeling down on the sofa Tindra lifts her skirt even higher to give a good look at her delicious round ass and those stockings again!

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Posted by Mike on July 25th, 2016

Kate C is a gorgeous blonde teen babe over at Only Opaques and she just released a new set of pictures today that are going to blow your mind completely. Kate has always been a real show off for the camera but when she's wearing pantyhose or stockings she really kicks it up a notch and becomes a mega-tease, it's as though those nylons hold some sort of magic tease power because as soon as the camera comes out she starts going nuts and really teasing.

Watch Kate in these sexy pictures as she starts off posing in her short tight black dress and her delicious black sheer stockings. Kate's stockings look even hotter paired with her thigh high black boots and the tiny black thong she has on under that short dress! As Kate crawls up on to the sofa she lets the camera peek up her dress and catch her plump bare ass with the tiny black thong that does nothing but tease. Even better than that as she bends over she shows the top of her patterned black stockings. Kate gets even naughtier as she pulls her dress gently over her head to flash her perky tits.

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Posted by Mike on July 24th, 2016

Chrystal Lee is a big lover of pantyhose which is why she frequently finds herself looking around over at Only Opaques as well as being featured as a model there! The thing that Chrystal Lee loves most about pantyhose is the way that the sleek soft nylon feels against her skin, the way her thick warm thighs squeeze inĀ  to the sheath of delicious nylon and even more than that she loves how it feels when she peels them off and her skin feels fresh and cool. To be truthful there isn't one thing that Chrystal Lee doesn't love about pantyhose, or stockings for that matter, just see for yourself and you'll get it.

Watch Chrystal Lee in these photographs as she starts off posing in her kitchen wearing a luscious pair of bright blue pantyhose, pantyhose that huge her thighs and lift her juicy ass and look so perfect that she even hesitates before she slips them off that night. Over her pantyhose Chrystal is wearing a short white skirt and a tight white sweater but more importantly under those pantyhose she is wearing a delicious white thong that looks so perfect as it's outlined under the sheer blue nylon.

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Posted by Mike on July 23rd, 2016

Take a look at these pictures of cute blonde teen Mackenzie from over at Only Opaques. Mackenzie like most of the girls over at Only Opaques have a real thing for wearing nylons whether it's stockings or pantyhose. All of the sexy teens at Only Opaques just can't help themselves when it comes to wearing their favorite nylon things and strutting their stuff for the camera which is why it's the top site to be for nylon lovers world wide! Not only is Only Opaques dedicated to lovers of stockings and pantyhose but it is a community where lovers of nylons can come together and share their favorite Only Opaques picture sets with each other!

Just take a look at Mackenzie here in her naughty black stockings. She was all dressed up with no place to go in her delicate satin blue dress and her sheer black stockings that hug her thighs so perfectly it's enough to make a man drool. Well as she starts to pose for the camera Mackenzie ends up on her knees lifting her dress to show off her black lacy panties as well as those delicious black stockings! It's not long before teasing pushes the limit and Mackenzie shows off her perky teen tits too!

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Posted by Mike on July 22nd, 2016

Emma T is most certainly one of the most loved girls over at Only Opaques, her massive titties are so succulent and perfect that she has more fans than most of the other girls combined! Emma loves to show off her perfect tits for the camera any time and any place that she gets the opportunity and this time she had the opportunity in the forest behind her house! See how absolutely perfect she looks in this tight fitting dress and her sheer white pantyhose and white high heels!

Watch Emma as she poses for the camera outside in her tight gray dress that hugs her cleavage so perfectly. Emma even crawls up on the picnic table to show off her panties and her sheer pantyhose. Slowly she lifts up her dress to flash the very bottom of her massive tits and after a little teasing she slips her dress over her head completely. As she stands there with her huge tits showing her delicious white pantyhose hug her stomach and her big juicy thighs and her legs looks so amazing that it's almost too much to take for any nylon and stocking lover!

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