Posted by Mike on September 30th, 2016

Lily S is a cute Asian babe who has a tight round ass that you could bounce a quarter off and doesn't she know it! Lily knows that she always has the upper hand wherever she goes with just a flash of her leg she can get anything she desires. Even walking in to the office she has all eyes turned on her and the other women in the office absolutely hate it! Lily tries to get the other girls to like her but they always feel so threatened by her that she just can't seem to get them to like her. The guys in the office seem to like her enough though and Lily always has a great time at the office!

Take a look at these pictures of Lily S as she starts off showing her perky titties tightly bound underneath her tiny blouse, her sexy legs under her short skirt and her thick thighs tightly sheathed in sexy black pantyhose! Lily gets a little naughty as she notices the camera and she lifts up her skirt to flash her panties underneath her black pantyhose. The seam that runs up her plump ass is enough to drive any stocking lover insane!

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Posted by Mike on September 29th, 2016

Kara is a cute blonde with big natural titties that always turn heads when she walks in to a room and Kara is always walking in to rooms! She is one naughty party girl and when she's not the center of the party she's the one throwing the party. Kara is also the type of girl who could wear just about anything and look absolutely amazing in it but with a figure like hers that's not hard to imagine. All of Kara's sexy girlfriends over at Only Opaques are just as sexy as Kara though, it's the net's biggest collection of nylon loving teen babes and they are all smoking hot to say the very least!

Take a look at this set of pictures of Kara as she shows off her hot pink pantyhose and her short skirt and tight pink top. Even her white high heels look delicious as she struts her stuff for the camera! She begins to tease as she lifts her shirt up to show off her flat toned stomach. Next Kara slips her pantyhose down just enough to show off her juicy round ass in her red lace panties. Pulling those soft nylons back up over her ass she slips her shirt over her head and shows off her red lace bra and her plump titties too.

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Posted by Mike on September 28th, 2016

Abbi Taylor is a gorgeous blonde babe who looks amazing in her sheer black stockings but then again any of the babes over at Only Opaques look amazing in their sheer stockings no matter what color they are! These girls have the tightest most toned bodies that you have ever seen and they just love to show them off for the camera as the start to strip slowly out of their outfits and show off their naughty nylons! From stockings to pantyhose to footless tights these cuties always look good and know just how to keep you pleased and coming back for more!

Just take a look at these hot pictures of Abbi Taylor as she starts off dressed up in her sexy black business suit with her red shirt underneath. As she sits up on her desk she stretched out those long legs to show off her smooth nylon stockings and she doesn't hesitate to lift up her shirt and flash those perky titties perched in her black lace bra!  Next Abbi slips her skirt down to the floor  and spreads her legs to flash her delicious black lace panties! As she sits there on top of her desk wearing just her stockings and panties Abbi looks just amazing!

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Posted by Mike on September 27th, 2016

Jemma has a pair of green eyes that can get any guy engrossed in conversation but when it all comes down to it it's those delicious stocking sheathed legs of hers that really draw the guys in! Jemma could look amazing in just about anything but she looks particularly delicious when she wears her pink pantyhose along with her cutesy bunny costume. Sure it might look silly to some but to a true nylon lover Jemma breaks hearts with her thick thighs squeezed in to those soft pink nylons!

Just take a look at these pictures of Jemma as she starts off dressed up like a bunny with her shiny black leotard on, her black high heels and her bunny ears as well…that's not to forget her cute pink pantyhose though, Jemma looks and plays the part so well! She looks even better though when she slips out of her high heels and peels down that black leotard to show off her perky teen titties. Kneeling up on the bed wearing nothing but her pink stockings and panties and her sexy bunny ears Jemma is a sight for anyone to behold!

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Posted by Mike on September 26th, 2016

Steph is a sexy blonde haired blue eyed teen babe who is enough to make any guy turn his head as she walks down the street. Steph loves to show off for the camera over at Only Opaques especially when she is wearing her silky black stockings but then again all of the babes over at Only Opaques love to show off their nylons especially when it means that they get to strip off and show a little more than that as well! Even if sexy blondes aren't your thing Only Opaques has redheads and brunettes in their naughty nylons as well!

Take a look at these hot pictures of Steph as she starts by showing off in her sexy black evening dress with her sheer black stockings on as well. As she kneels on the bed in her high heels and her sexy evening dress Steph looks just amazing. Lifting her dress she flashes her black panties that hug her plump round ass. Steph goes on to unzip her dress and slip it down over her perky teen titties and soon she is kneeling on the bed wearing nothing more than her silky black panties and her sheer black stockings!

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Posted by Mike on September 25th, 2016

Milli is a busty teen babe with long raven black hair and a love for showing off her delicious body for the camera. No matter where she is Milli can be found showing off in front of the camera it's just a matter of whether or not she'll be wearing clothes when she does! Milli really loves showing off her long stocking covered legs over at Only Opaques with her girlfriends and man do those girls ever get in some trouble together but they look delicious getting in to trouble!

Take a look at these pictures of Milli as she starts off by posing for the camera in her silky red satin nightie with her black lace topped stockings and her shiny black high heels. As the camera starts clicking away Milli spreads her legs and flashes her red satin panties. Those black stockings cling desperately to her thighs and she just can't help but run her hands down her thighs, down her soft nylon covered calves and over her soft supple nylon covered arches. Even Milli can't keep her hands off her nylon covered legs and whenever she slides her hands over that soft material she gets really excited.

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Posted by Mike on September 24th, 2016

Gemma is a kinky babe who loves to be a real tease and she knows just how to tease! Whenever she shows up to do a new set of pictures over at Only Opaques Gemma dives head first in to the dressup box and finds the kinkiest and naughtiest outfit that she can find. The other day when Gemma showed up to do a smoking hot set of pictures for Only Opaques she spend forever diving through the costumes until she came out wearing this delicious French maid costume with a kinky pair of lace topped black stockings!

Take a look at this set of pictures of Gemma as she starts off dressed up in her naughty and almost slutty French maids outfit. Best of all she looks so sexy in those black lace topped stockings! She starts off by squatting down on the floor with her legs spread just enough to flash her black silky panties and the tops of her stockings. She carefully unties her dress and lets it fall down over her titties and over her sheer panties and down to the floor. With a body like hers she can leave a room in stunned silence but it only eggs her on!

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Posted by Mike on September 23rd, 2016

Michelle is a hot blonde teen who can look amazing wearing just about anything but the fact of the matter is that Michelle isn't wearing just about anything, she's wearing a naughty pair of sheer black pantyhose. Michelle isn't the shy teen babe that many teens are when they're as gorgeous as Michelle, Michelle knows that she's gorgeous and she's modest but she also knows that guys love her tight teen body! Even when she's dressed up in a gaudy bright orange dress Michelle manages to look absolutely irresistible!

Take a look at these pictures of Michelle as she starts of posing in her bright orange dress. Michelle's long luscious legs are sheathed in sexy black nylon and her slender high heels make her feet look absolutely amazing. Michelle kneels down on the carpet and as she spreads her legs she flashes her hot round ass with sexy black pantyhose hugging her juicy cheeks. Next Michelle lifts up her dress even further and places her fingers on her hardening nipples, she just can't stop herself from teasing her delicious tits! Things just keep getting better though when Michelle strips out of her dress and stands there in just those sexy nylons!

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Posted by Mike on September 22nd, 2016

Jenny P is a cute blonde teen, the kind you would break your back to get working in your office because she always comes to work dressed up in the sexiest secretary outfits. Most of all though Jenny always comes to work wearing a delicious pair of pantyhose or stockings that really set off her cute outfit. Whenever Jenny walks in the door at work she has men falling all over her to take her jacket or pull out her chair in hopes that they catch a glimpse of her thighs in her sheer black stockings the minute she sits down on her office chair.

Take a look at these pictures of Jenny as she starts off by showing off her cute black top and sexy short skirt with those sheer black stockings that add that little extra something. Jenny sits on her desk and stretches out those long legs, the soft black nylon shining. As she picks up her organizer her skirt comes up further and the very tops of her stockings cling to her thighs and they look so incredibly juicy no man could resist just running his hand up those soft nylon covered legs. Slipping his hand over her shapely knees and up her thick thigh to her soft nylon covered panties.

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Posted by Mike on September 21st, 2016

Bethany is a real cutie with her long dark hair and her gorgeous eyes she can get just about anything she wants with just a flutter of those eyelashes of hers, it doesn't take much! Even when she's sitting at her desk in her job as a secretary Bethany manages to look absolutely irresistible which is probably why she gets those extra long lunch hours and those unlimited paid time off days. No one else in the office really cares though as long as they get to watch Bethany as she struts up and down the office in her delicious pantyhose and stockings!

Take a look at these pictures of Bethany posing in one of her favorite sweater dresses with her slinky black stockings on and her shiny black high heels. As she starts off by showing off her dress she soon ends up kneeling up on her desk and lifting up her dress to flash her juicy thighs and the tops of her stockings. Bethany feels so naughty flashing that she takes it a step further and pulling her dress over her head she shows off her bright yellow bra and panty set with those mouth watering black sheer stockings that cling to her legs making them look even more amazing.

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