Posted by Mike on February 28th, 2017

Emma Claire dropped off her Halloween pictures at Only Opaques this morning and it has to be said that this is one of the sexiest costumes of the year bar none! Most of the teen babes over at Only Opaques dressed up for the holiday though, they wouldn't be caught missing an opportunity to show off in their favorite pair of pantyhose or stockings! Halloween isn't the only reason that these sexy babes dress up in their nylons though, take a look around over at Only Opaques and you'll find out that these girls take any opportunity that comes up to strut around in their favorite outfits!

Take a look at these pictures of Emma Claire as she starts off dressed up to the nines in her sexy Little Miss Muffet costume. That skirt barely covers her delicious thighs and those delicious white stockings are enough to give any stocking lover a heart attack – especially when she sits down and lets that skirt ride up so that she flashes a peek at her naughty panties and the tops of her stockings. She doesn't just stop there though, this sexy blonde hottie makes sure that you get all you can handle and then some as she keeps stripping and soon ends up wearing very little at all!

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Posted by Mike on February 27th, 2017

Charlotte W is a kinky redhead who is always up for a little bit of fun…or in most cases a lot of fun! She just can't help herself because once the party gets started she is ready and willing to be the life of it! Charlotte W isn't the only party babe over at Only Opaques though, take a look around and you will find hundreds of delicious teen babes who are always up for a little fun and every single one of them is dressed up in kinky stockings and pantyhose and occasionally sheer leggings! If you have a real thing for nylons and there is nothing you would rather see than a delicious babe in her nylons then you have found heaven on Earth!

Take a look at these pictures of Charlotte W as she starts showing off in her cute sundress and her bright red pantyhose! As she sits up on the sofa she lifts her dress and flashes her panties through her sheer red pantyhose. That sweet plump ass is so succulent and it looks even better as she slips down her dress and flashes a peek at those perky tits!  Charlotte can't help but smile because she knows how nuts she is driving you with those nylons! When it all comes down to it Charlotte winds up wearing nothing but those smooth sexy pantyhose and it's a mouth watering sight!

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Posted by Mike on February 26th, 2017

Kelly M knows just how to seduce that camera lens as well as any man who is remotely turned on by nylons because Kelly can wear a pair of stockings! Take a look at this kinky brunette as she shows off in her satin evening gown and those mouth watering stockings! If Kelly isn't your type though and you much prefer a kinky blonde or a fiery redhead in pantyhose try not to panic because over at Only Opaques you can get your pick of hundreds of sexy teens who look just as amazing in nylons regardless of what type of nylons they are!

Take a look at this set of pictures of Kelly M as she starts off showing off in that smooth satin dress! Soon she lays down on that bed with a smile, inviting you to join her as she slides that dress up over her thighs. As she keeps on teasing Kelly slides her perky titty out of her top as well and soon she can't stop herself and she has slipped out of her dress completely! As she lays there in nothing but those sexy smooth stockings and a smile she knows that you need to see more!

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Posted by Mike on February 25th, 2017

Fifi dressed up in one sexy costume this Halloween and she certainly was the life of the party, guys just couldn't take their eyes off her! It's no wonder that they couldn't stop staring at her though because this costume looks absolutely delicious on her tight body! Fifi isn't the only one who dressed up for Halloween though, if you drop by Only Opaques you will see all of the sexy girls in their Halloween outfits that they picked out this year and there certainly are some really amazing ones! Whether you like witches or kinky maids you will find everything you could possibly desire at Only Opaques!

Take a look at these pictures of Fifi as she starts off showing off in her cute uniform, she might not be selling any cookies but she is definitely selling those amazing curves! Watch as she slowly unbuttons that blouse and then slips herself up on the kitchen counter to show off those deep green pantyhose. As she bends over on all fours you can even see the outline of her tiny panties through her pantyhose but Fifi doesn't just stop there, in fact Fifi won't stop until she has slipped out of everything but those sexy pantyhose!

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Posted by Mike on February 24th, 2017

Charli Delu has an amazing talent, she can get guys to do just about anything she wants with just once glance from those delicious light brown eyes. It doesn't hurt that Charli has such a tasty toned body either though! You won't believe this newest set of photos of Charli as she shows off that sweet body of hers! Charli is already driving all of the fans at Only Opaques absolutely crazy with this set of pictures and it only gets better from here! If you have a thing for nylons then you are definitely going to want to spend some time searching around Only Opaques and taking a look at the most gorgeous teen babes in nylons that you have ever seen!

Take a look through these pictures of Charli Delu as she begins to show off in her tight blouse and her short skirt paired with those silky black stockings. Charli truly is the picture of perfection but as she starts to strip down she makes sure that you see every second of the action as she shows off the tops of those stockings with a naughty grin! It's not long before Charli is posing in just her panties and her stockings!

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Posted by Mike on February 23rd, 2017

Jemma R is a sexy blonde teen who just can't help but tease because she absolutely loves how it makes her feel knowing that she has turned you on! Knowing that you are watching her and begging to see more, she just can't stop herself but then again that's no different from all of the sweet teens over at Only Opaques, these girls were made to tease and they certainly know what they're doing! With just one smile any one of these sexy teens could turn your world upside down and with hundreds of teens waiting for you behind the members area of Only Opaques you will be busy for quite a while!

Take a look at these pictures of Jemma R as she starts off showing off in her tight white dress and her sexy sheer black pantyhose! As she sits out on that bench in the open knowing that she could get caught at any moment she just can't stop herself! As she carefully unzips her dress she lets it slip down to the floor. As she stands up and those perky tits pop out of her dress she shows off her sweet panties underneath her black pantyhose!

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Posted by Mike on February 22nd, 2017

Catherine is a delicious teen cheerleader in this newest set of photos that she dropped off early this morning! These pictures haven't been up at Only Opaques for long today and they have already gained a ton of fans, but then who can blame any nylon lover for loving this set of pictures because they are absolutely amazing! Catherine isn't the only teen in nylons at Only Opaques though, take a look around and you'll set eyes on hundreds of kinky teens who love nylons of all kinds: pantyhose, stockings, leggings and more. If it's made of nylon, you name it and you'll find it at Only Opaques!

Take a good look at these pictures of Catherine as she starts off showing off in those delicious white pantyhose and her naughty cheer leading outfit! That tight top of hers hugs her perfect tits but she doesn't wait long before she strips out of that shirt and flashes a peek at her cute bra as she stands there in just her bra and skirt. As Catherine starts to slip down that skirt she flashes the tops of her pantyhose and then she turns around to show off those panties!

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Posted by Mike on February 21st, 2017

Annabella is a sexy brunette babe who can pull off that windswept look better than any other teen we've seen over at Only Opaques! This mouth watering teen always looks her best but even when she doesn't she looks absolutely amazing! Annabella isn't the only cute teen at Only Opaques who looks amazing though, drop by and take a look around and you'll set eyes on some of the most amazing teen babes you have ever seen and every single one of them is showing off a new pair of stockings, pantyhose or leggings and they love the soft nylon just as much as you do! It just doesn't get better than that for a nylon lover!

Take a look at these pictures of sexy secretary Annabella as she poses by her desk in her sheer black stockings, short black skirt and delicious black blazer. Annabella makes every nylon lovers dream secretary especially when she slips out of that skirt and shows off the tops of her sheer stockings as they cling to her sweet juicy thighs! As she leans over and flashes her bright blue bra and pantie set she knows that you can't take your eyes off those stockings and she doesn't want you to!

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Posted by Mike on February 20th, 2017

Kamilla dropped these pictures over at Only Opaques this morning and they have definitely got the fans all whipped up in a frenzy. You see there are certainly a lot of babes showing off in black and tan pantyhose but once in a while a girl drops by with a pair of pantyhose that are so unbelievable that they drive everyone crazy and Kamilla is the main culprit of that today! Just take a look at these sexy turquoise pantyhose and then look around and check out more than a hundred other sexy teens as they show off in their pantyhose just for you as well! You will find all kinds of nylons at Only Opaques and they all promise to make you very happy!

Take a look at these pictures as Kamila starts off teasing in her short black skirt with those sheer turquoise pantyhose underneath. That tight gray tank looks pretty cute too but it just doesn't get any better than those sexy pantyhose especially when Kamila leans back on that bed and lifts up her skirt! Showing off her juicy thighs in sexy sheer nylons is what Kamila does best!

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Posted by Mike on February 19th, 2017

Jamie A just loves doing her workouts every morning especially when she gets to dress up in her sheeraerobic tights! Jamie isn't the only sexy babe who loves to dress in stockings and pantyhose though because as the web's biggest resource for smoking hot babes in nylons, Only Opaques can give you hundreds of teens just like Jamie! Watch them as they strip off slowly for you and tease you as they slip out of their outfits and stand there before the camera wearing nothing but those sweet and sexy nylons!

Take a look at these pictures of Jamie A as she starts off wearing her cute pink pantyhose and that amazing leotard! She is all pumped up for her workout but as she starts to get a little warmer she decides that she better strip down a little bit to make sure she's not over heating. As she strips and she rubs her hands against those sheer nylons she realizes that she's starting to get wet just thinking about wearing nothing but nylons outdoors and soon that's just what she's doing! Showing off those perky tits she stands out in the garden wearing nothing but her nylons!

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