Posted by Mike on June 30th, 2018

Only Opaques - Natalia

Check out these very erotic Only Opaques photos of this brunette vixen. Natalia is wearing black stockings with her sexy red and black lingerie. It’s the kind of outfit that fantasies are made of. It looks like she’s waiting for someone special to come join her in the bedroom. When that person doesn’t show up, she starts teasing out of her lingerie, leaving only her lace panties and stockings on. How much would you enjoy being that special person that she’s waiting for?

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Posted by Mike on June 29th, 2018

Only Opaques - Jana D

Check out this stunning video of Jana D showing off her red colored pantyhose and a whole lot more. She looks absolutely sexy as she teases in her cute red t-shirt, denim miniskirt and showing off her long, luscious legs in her pantyhose. She takes her time, slowly teasing out of her clothes. Underneath her shirt, she’s wearing a sexy white and red bra, but even that comes off soon. She has a remarkable figure, sexy legs and she enjoys showing it off.

There’s only one place to see this video and that’s inside of Only Opaques. Click here to visit Only Opaques. There you can download the full length video or just watch it streaming via the Real Player. Either way, I’m sure you’re going to enjoy this erotic video. If it isn’t your cup of tea, there’s 281 other videos to check out and I’m sure you’ll find more than a few that will satisfy your interest in pantyhose and stockings.

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Posted by Mike on June 28th, 2018

Only Opaques - Kara

Wow! What else can I say about these sexy Only Opaques photos of this blonde vixen named Kara. It looks like she’s ready for a very hot night out on the town. Or maybe, she’s just come home and can’t wait to get out of her clothes. She’s looking simply amazing in her low cute black mini dress and black hold up stockings. She’s also wearing a pair of long black leather boots. Soon she slips out of her dress, revealing her sheer panties and amazing figure. She could wear that outfit to any club and become the certain of attention just by walking through the front door.

You can see a lot more of Kara at the Only Opaques website. It’s her sixth appearance at the website. You can also see her dressed as a sexy secretary with chocolate colored stockings, a naughty coed in black pantyhose and several other erotic outfits. Of course, she’s just one of the 146 models waiting to show off their nylon covered legs to you.

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Posted by Mike on June 27th, 2018

Only Opaques - Rachel B

At Only Opaques today, we have Rachel B looking very vixen like in her cute, yet very naughty college uniform and black pantyhose. She’s wearing a black sweater, with a white blouse and a very short grey pleated skirt. Of course that short skirt means that we get to see a lot of her pantyhose covered legs and a whole lot more. Rachel B is one of the regulars at Only Opaques and it’s not hard to see why. Not only does she have great legs, but she also knows how to tease out of an outfit.

Click here to see more of Rachel B at Only Opaques. There’s seventeen photo and video sets of Rachel B inside Only Opaques with an additional two more in line to be released soon. Of course Rachel is just one of the 145 models waiting for to show off her nylon covered legs to you inside of Only Opaques. Don’t make them wait too long.

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Posted by Mike on June 26th, 2018

Only Opaques - Karen

Check out these Only Opaques photos of this adorable coed named Karen. Karen is wearing a blue sweater, white blouse, plaid miniskirt and eye catching green tights. It’s the type of outfit that looks so cute, yet can cause so many naughty thoughts. It looks like Karen just got home from school and now she can’t wait to get out of her college uniform. She takes everything off, removing each clothing slowly as she teases the camera. The only thing that she leaves on is her pantyhose.

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Posted by Mike on June 25th, 2018

Only Opaques - Cherry D

Take a look this voluptuous blonde and the sexy marron colored pantyhose that she’s wearing. This busty babe is named Cherry D and she’s been a long time favorite at Only Opaques. Check out these very sexy photos of Cherry D teasing the camera. She’s wearing a sexy pink top that shows off her figure, a denim miniskirt and long black leather boots. It’s a sexy outfit, made even sexier by her nylons. Of course, it’s also a sexy outfit when she’s wearing nothing but her pantyhose and white cotton panties.

Want to see more of this sexy babe and her luscious legs. Head over to Only Opaques right now. There you can enjoy thousands of photos and hours of video of beautiful babes in pantyhose and stockings. I’ve been to other sites where the model might be wearing the pantyhose for a few pictures or wearing her stockings for the first minute of the video. However, at Only Opaques the focus is really on their model and her sexy leg wear, you’ll never find another site like this one.

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Posted by Mike on June 24th, 2018

Only Opaques - Alexis

Today, I’d like to introduce you to a cute college coed named Alexis S. She has the girl next door look about her, but there’s still something about her that makes you just want to say "wow." Alexis is wearing a pair of white opaque pantyhose underneath her navy and black uniform. On top of her pantyhose, she’s wearing a navy blue sweater, blue blouse and black pleated miniskirt. Luckily, she teases out of the uniform, revealing her beautiful body and more of her pantyhose covered skin. We also get a peek at her white cotton panties.

You can see more of this cute coed and her pantyhose covered legs at Only Opaques. There you can see the complete photo set of her teasing out of her uniform and showing off her nylon covered legs. This is her third appearance at Only Opaques. You can also see her dressed as a very distracting secretary and in an very revealing black minidress, ready for a wild night out on the town.

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Posted by Mike on June 23rd, 2018

Only Opaques - Ellie

Check out these sexy Only Opaques photos of this smoking hot blonde secretary named Ellie. She’s wearing a pair of smooth grey pantyhose along with her smart looking secretary outfit. She’s soon staking off her shorts, showing off all of her long, luscious legs. Of course, it’s not long before her white blouse and grey vest come off too. She’s wearing a purple lace bra with a matching pair of panties that you can just see through the sheer fabric of her nylons. Soon, she takes off her bra, showing off her delicious figure to the camera.

Click here to see more of Ellie and her sexy nylon legs at Only Opaques. She’s just one of the many beautiful ladies that you can enjoy showing off their stocking and pantyhose covered legs inside of Only Opaques today. There’s hundreds of erotic videos that you can download and thousands of images to check out.

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Posted by Mike on June 22nd, 2018

Only Opaques - Naomi K

Today’s Only Opaques video features Naomi K in a pair of chocolate colored pantyhose. She’s looking very sexy in her grey t-shirt and denim miniskirt, but I know everyone is waiting for her to start removing her clothing. Her t-shirt comes off first and we get to see her pink and black lace bra. At one point, we also get a peek at the matching thong. She takes off the bra next, but soon her skirt is coming off too and she’s posing in just her thong and pantyhose.

You can see a lot more of Naomi K at Only Opaques. Naomi’s third time appearing at Only Opaques and it’s her very first video. Hopefully, it isn’t the last that we see of this sultry looking babe because she really puts on a sexy show for the camera. You can download her video and well over a hundred other videos of sexy women in erotic leg wear at Only Opaques.

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Posted by Mike on June 21st, 2018

Only Opaques - Emma Harper

Check out these Only Opaques photos of cute and very sexy brunette coed named Emma Harper. Today, she’s wearing a red colored college uniform and showing off her legs in a pair of stunning black stockings. Her legs are simply amazing and would look great with nothing on, but they look amazing in a pair of nylons. Emma strips out of her uniform, teasing us along the way until she’s completely naked except for her stockings and suspenders.

Want to see more of Emma Harper and her sexy legs? Click here to visit the premier leg wear themed website. Only Opaques is the number one site for beautiful babes in stockings and pantyhose. There focus is always on the women’s sexy legs and what she’s wearing on them. There’s thousands of photos to enjoy and literally hundreds of videos to download inside Only Opaques.

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