Posted by Mike on February 16th, 2017

Laura P is a cute brunette who just loves to dress up for Halloween especially when it means that she gets to wear sexy nylons! Laura isn't the only cute teen who is dressing up for Halloween over at Only Opaques though and if you take a look over that way today you'll get to see all of the girls in their Halloween costumes along with their silky pantyhose and stockings. It doesn't get any better than that except for the fact that these girls just can't wait to strip off out of their costumes and show off in nothing but their nylons just for you!

Take a look at these pictures of Laura P as she starts off showing off in her short red devil dress with her cute devil horns but what really makes this outfit is those cute sheer pantyhose and her delicious red high heels. Laura gives a naughty smile and bends over to flash a shot of her tasty round ass in those tiny thong panties. Soon Laura slips right out of her dress and shows off in her cute red bra and panties and those sheer black stockings!

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Posted by Mike on January 28th, 2017

Natalie T is a cute raven haired teen babe who looks absolutely amazing in just about anything that she wears but our favorite thing to see Natalie wearing is this naughty nurses uniform! Take a look at Natalie in this kinky uniform and tell me it's not the sexiest thing you've ever seen! Don't worry if nurses aren't your thing though because over at Only Opaques you can catch hundreds of sexy teen babes who are ready and willing to show off their sheer pantyhose and sexy stockings just for you! You won't believe how delicious these babes are and just how good at teasing they really are!

Take a look at these pictures of Natalie T as she starts off by showing off in her kinky nurses outfit! That white coat looks delicious on her but even better than that are those sexy sheer red pantyhose that match her hot red bra! As she flashes that naughty smile and unbuttons her coat Natalie gives a sneak peek at her perky titties in her soft red bra and then she shows off those cute panties underneath her red pantyhose as well!

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Posted by Mike on January 20th, 2017

It doesn't get any  better than a delicious raven haired babe with bright blue eyes who just loves to show off her delicious body for the camera. Lexi Lowe is just the type of babe who fits the bill and this new set of pictures that she dropped off over at Only Opaques today is everything a guy who loves nylons could hope for! Lexi isn't the only hot raven haired babe at Only Opaques though, come to think of it there are plenty of naughty brunettes, redheads and blondes as well! You just can't begin to imagine the sheer array of hot teen babes who are ready to show off just for you in their sexy lingerie!

Take a look at these pictures of Lexi Lowe as she shows off in her sheer red stockings, her frilly soft skirt and her tight white shirt. That shirt hugs her plump titties and those sheer stockings outline her amazingly delicious legs. Lexi just can't help showing off in those stockings and with a flash of her naughty smile she spreads her legs just a little, just enough to show her panties underneath her skirt. Don't worry though because Lexi wants to show you a lot more inside Only Opaques!

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Posted by Mike on January 15th, 2017

Georgina D dropped in to Only Opaques today with her latest video shoot and let me tell you she looks absolutely amazing! To watch her stripping in her pantyhose is like nothing you have ever seen before. Don't worry though because if you drop by today you won't just get to see Georgina but you'll also get to see all of her naughty girlfriends as well and they all look just as delicious in a sheer pair of pantyhose or stockings! Some of these girls even wear nylon leggings and they look absolutely mind blowing! Don't believe me? Well drop by today and check out the free tour for yourself!

Take a look at these clips of Georgina D as she starts off by showing off in her soft black pantyhose and her tight black skirt and skimpy satin top. It might not get any better than this at some places but over at Only Opaques this is just the beginning and Georgina D can't wait to show you what she's made of! As she slips out of that skirt and flashes her pantyhose she peels off that top as well and gives a good look at her perky titties in that cute blue bra.

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Posted by Mike on January 12th, 2017

Alyssa Dee is a kinky brunette babe who looks absolutely amazing in her most recently released picture set. Just look at her spreading out on the bed in her sexy lingerie! Alyssa Dee isn't the only naughty teen babe that looks amazing in her lingerie though, Only Opaques is dedicated to bringing you the best of the best when it comes to delicious teen babes with tight teen bodies that you just can't resist! Whether you love seeing sexy babes in stockings, pantyhose or leggings you will never be left without a delicious babe to look at over at Only Opaques!

Take a look at these pictures as Alyssa Dee shows off in her cute sheer black lingerie. From her sheer mesh nightie to her soft black pantyhose with sexy sparkles. Alyssa knows just what you want to see and as she lays back on the bed and stretches out her legs she smiles as she knows just how much she is teasing you with those sexy black pantyhose! As she lays back on the bed she slowly starts to strip and show you every inch of her tight toned body and soon she is wearing nothing but those naughty pantyhose!

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Posted by Mike on January 1st, 2017

Rachael B is a dark haired teen beauty who looks delicious in just about anything that she wears but Rachael looks absolutely delicious in nylons. Rachael looks particularly sexy in this set of pictures that she released over at Only Opaques just the other day! With those soft black sheer stockings sheathing her legs she just can't help but show off for the camera! Most of the naughty teen babes at Only Opaques love to show off for the camera though! When it comes to posing and teasing out of nylons you won't find more hot teens than Only Opaques has to offer!

Take a look at these pictures of Rachael B as she starts off showing off in her cute school uniform! With her tight sweater on and her short plaid skirt she just can't help but strut her stuff with those soft black stockings on! As she lifts up that skirt and flashes the tops of her sheer stockings she knows that she is driving you absolutely crazy but she just can't stop herself. Before she knows what she is doing Rachael has slipped out of her sweater and let her short plaid skirt fall to the floor so that she can show off her mouth watering body!

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Posted by Mike on December 24th, 2016

Felix is the hottest raven haired darling you will ever see in a pair of stockings and doesn't she just know it! This kinky dark haired beauty can never wait to show off her sweet teen body for the camera but then again none of the hot teens over at Only Opaques can wait to show off for that lens! As the net's biggest website dedicated to teens who just love to show off in pantyhose, stockings and leggings you are going to find a lot more babes than just Felix showing off their sexy bodies for the camera! You will find all types of sexy teens!

Take a look at these pictures of Felix as she starts off just posing in her tight black dress that sheaths her sweet tight toned body. As she perches herself up on her desk though she flashes a peek at those sexy black stockings and soon she is lifting up her dress to give a good peek at her juicy round ass with her tiny black thong slid between her tasty ass cheeks! Soon Felix has slipped out of her dress entirely and is flashing those sexy soft black stockings of hers!

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Posted by Mike on December 1st, 2016

Monica Harris is such a delicious combination of bright blue eyes and dark raven hair that she turns heads no matter where she goes but it doesn't hurt that she's a total tease as well! All of the teen babes over at Only Opaques are total teases though, they just can't get enough of teasing you. Any chance they get these girls will rub their hand down their soft nylon covered thighs and flash you a smile like you've never seen before! These teens know just what you want and they're ready to show it to you as they slip out of their cute pantyhose and soft nylon stockings!

Take a look at these pictures of Monica Harris as she starts off dressed up in her bright pink pantyhose and her cute college uniform. Monica knows that you just can't resist a girl dressed in her college uniform and watching you, she lays back on the bed and spreads her legs just enough to flash her sexy white panties through her soft pantyhose. As she keeps stripping out of her uniform it's not long before Monica is showing off in just her soft pantyhose and her cute cotton panties!

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Posted by Mike on November 29th, 2016

Lily S is a cute Asian babe who loves to play it naughty for the camera, especially when she's wearing her soft smooth stockings! If you love to watch delicious teen babes in their stockings and pantyhose then you're really going to love Only Opaques! As the web's biggest website dedicated to hot teens showing off in their silky nylons. Head over there now and you'll get your hands on thousands of pictures in the archives of sexy teen babes showing off for the camera. Whether you're in to blondes, brunettes or redheads you can find a babe to keep you happy over there!

Take a look at these pictures of Lily S as she shows off in her tight leather skirt and her even tighter top. Lily has such luscious long legs sheathed in her soft dark stockings and as she lays back on the sofa and her skirt lift up she flashes the tops of those lace topped stockings and it's enough to drive any many crazy. It doesn't take long before Lily has slipped out of her skirt and her top and is showing off her tiny panties and her soft satin bra!

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Posted by Mike on November 1st, 2016

Naomi F is a delicious raven haired teen who pushes all the right buttons at all the right times, especially when she's dressed up for the camera. There is nothing that Naomi likes more than a good game of dress up for the camera and when she is let loose in the girls wardrobe over at Only Opaques it never fails that she comes out wearing a mouth watering pair of nylons accompanied by some other equally delicious piece of lingerie or even a cute costume like this college uniform! All of the girls over at Only Opaques like to play dress up with Naomi and lucky for you they all look this hot when they're finished!

Take a look at this set of pictures as Naomi stands in front of the camera showing off with her hair in two long braids. She smiles and shows those thick ribbed pantyhose in a soft light gray and as she spreads her legs those pantyhose slide away from her crotch and down her thighs. Soon enough Naomi unbuttons her blouse and with a smile she shows off her bra and her flat toned stomach before getting on all fours to show her juicy ass in those pantyhose again!

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