Posted by Mike on July 18th, 2018

Only Opaques - Natalia

Most schools and universities may be out of session for the holidays, but this sexy coed named Natalia can’t resist getting dressed up in her college uniform and going on a sexy field trip. Today at Only Opaques, you can see this brunette cutie teasing in a cute, yet extremely erotic uniform with a navy cardigan, blue blouse, plaid miniskirt and matching tie. However, what really makes this outfit so sexy is her white pantyhose. It’s hard not to stare at her sexy legs as she poses outdoors and teases out of her uniform.

Visit Only Opaques and see lots more of Natalia. Natalia is practically a regular at Only Opaques with several photo sets and two videos for you to enjoy. The videos you can download or watch streaming via the Flash Player. Both in the videos and the photos, we get to see lots of her stunning body and sexy legs. What else can you ask for?

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Posted by Mike on July 17th, 2018

Only Opaques - Nadia E

Take a look at these Only Opaques photos of a stunning brunette secretary named Nadia E. It’s not hard to figure out why the men at the office find Nadia so attractive, I’m sure it’s the fact that she’s always wearing nylons under her skirts and dresses, like this pair of grey colored pantyhose. Or maybes it’s the fact that she has an enormous pair of knockers. Either way, Nadia looks very sexy stripping out of her secretary outfit, showing off her luscious legs and remarkable figure.

Click here to see more of Nadia at Only Opaques. There you can see more beautiful women in stockings and pantyhose. You can watch as they tease out of their sexy outfits to show off their nylons. If you have a thing for sexy ladies in erotic leg wear, you’re going to love Only Opaques. Come find out why!

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Posted by Mike on July 16th, 2018

Only Opaques - Hayley Marie

Just about every model at Only Opaques has sexy legs, then there’s babes like Hayley Marie that really know how to show off their luscious legs. Check out these photos of Hayley Marie in a pair of grey patterned pantyhose. She’s wearing a sexy black top, pleated miniskirt, but what really makes this outfit so great is her nylons. They’re really eye catching, especially with Hayley modeling them. I really like that we get just a peek at her lace panties through the opaque nylon fabric.

Click here to see more of Hayley Marie at Only Opaques. She’s been a long time favorite at Only Opaques and it’s not hard to figure out why. Of course, she’s just one of the 146 models there showing their legs. All of the photos and videos are one hundred percent exclusive to Only Opaques, so if you like what you see, come stop by today.

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Posted by Mike on July 15th, 2018

Only Opaques - Kayla Fox

Well, I’m sorry to see Christmas is over, but luckily New Years isn’t that far away. Until then, I’m sure that I’ll be able to find some sexy photos and videos to keep things interesting. To start with check out these photos of this sultry brunette secretary named Kayla Fox showing off her chocolate colored pantyhose. She’s wearing a very sexy secretary outfit with a purple satin blouse and very short black leather mini skirt. The skirt doesn’t cover up much of her stockings, not that there is anything wrong with that.

See more of Kayla inside the Only Opaques website. There you can see her and other sexy secretaries showing off their stockings and pantyhose. Of course, Only Opaques isn’t limited to just secretaries. There’s beautiful women in all sorts of erotic outfits and uniforms, but of course they’re all wearing sexy leg wear.

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Posted by Mike on July 12th, 2018

Only Opaques - Lucy Anne

Take a look at these sexy patterned pantyhose that Lucy Anne is wearing in this Only Opaques photo gallery. She’s wearing a sexy red top, a tight white miniskirt, but my focus keeps going back to her long, sexy legs and the pantyhose that are covering them. It’s definitely not every day that you see a woman with pantyhose like that!

Want to see more of Lucy Anne and her beautiful legs? Click here to visit Only Opaques. There you can see beautiful women in all different styles and colors of stockings, pantyhose and even tights. If you have a thing for sexy women in erotic nylons, you’re going to love Only Opaques, it’s the premier site for babes in sexy leg wear.

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Posted by Mike on July 10th, 2018

Only Opaques - Rachel B

Check out these photos of Rachel B enjoying a beautiful day last summer. It makes you wish that we could fast forward to summer, or at least spring and skip all this cold weather that we’re having right now. Anyways, today this brunette bombshell is wearing a tight black top, white miniskirt and sheer white pantyhose. It’s a beautiful sight that keeps getting better as she teases out of her clothes. She takes everything off except for those pantyhose and her lace thong.

Click here to visit Only Opaques and see lots more of Rachel B. Year round you can see sexy photos and videos of nothing but beautiful women in erotic leg wear. I’ve yet to find another site like this one that has the same high quality models and attention to the their sexy pantyhose and stockings. If you like seeing women in sexy nylons, you’re going to love this site.

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Posted by Mike on July 9th, 2018

Only Opaques - Bethany

I know it’s the weekend and no one wants to think about work, but check out these sexy photos of a secretary named Bethany. She’s doing a very naughty strip tease in her office, taking everything off except for her panties and blue colored pantyhose. She started off the day wearing a smart looking secretary outfit consisting of a purple blouse and blue miniskirt. However, it’s not long before she starts teasing out of her outfit, soon revealing her beautiful body and long, sexy pantyhose covered legs.

You can see a lot more of Bethany inside of Only Opaques. She’s just one of the many models that you can see showing off their nylon covered legs there. There’s more photo sets than I can ever count and hundreds of high quality videos featuring Bethany and the rest of the Only Opaques models. Plus, they’re adding new sets every day of the week. It doesn’t get much better than that.

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Posted by Mike on July 7th, 2018

Only Opaques - Andra

Take a look at these long, sexy legs that belong to Andrea. Check out these photos from Only Opaques of Andrea. This stunning looking blonde is dressed as a secretary black pantyhose underneath. She’s wearing a purple satin blouse, grey miniskirt, that are soon coming off. She enjoys posing in just her bra, panties and pantyhose, but soon that bra comes off too. She has a stunning body that definitely shouldn’t be hidden or restricted by anything.

Click here to see more of Andrea at Only Opaques. There you can exclusive photos and videos of beautiful women like Andrea showing off their nylon covered legs. They’re wearing pantyhose and stockings of just about every style and color that you can imagine. There’s 147 sexy ladies with sexy legs waiting for you inside of Only Opaques, so what are you waiting for?

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Posted by Mike on July 5th, 2018

Only Opaques - Uma

Take a look at these sexy and erotic photos of an all natural redhead named Uma. This babe is wearing a smart looking beige outfit with a cute top and tight miniskirt. However, the highlight of this outfit definitely is her black holdup stockings. They look simply amazing on her long, sexy legs. You might also want to check out her white bra with matching panties. By the end of this photo set, that’s all she’s wearing with her stockings.

See more of Uma inside Only Opaques. Only Opaques is the number one site for women in erotic pantyhose, stockings and even tights. There’s literally thousands of images to browse through and hundreds of videos that you can download to your computer. Of course, the website is updated every day so there’s always something new to enjoy.

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Posted by Mike on June 29th, 2018

Only Opaques - Jana D

Check out this stunning video of Jana D showing off her red colored pantyhose and a whole lot more. She looks absolutely sexy as she teases in her cute red t-shirt, denim miniskirt and showing off her long, luscious legs in her pantyhose. She takes her time, slowly teasing out of her clothes. Underneath her shirt, she’s wearing a sexy white and red bra, but even that comes off soon. She has a remarkable figure, sexy legs and she enjoys showing it off.

There’s only one place to see this video and that’s inside of Only Opaques. Click here to visit Only Opaques. There you can download the full length video or just watch it streaming via the Real Player. Either way, I’m sure you’re going to enjoy this erotic video. If it isn’t your cup of tea, there’s 281 other videos to check out and I’m sure you’ll find more than a few that will satisfy your interest in pantyhose and stockings.

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