Posted by Mike on January 7th, 2018

Only Opaques - Gemma Massey

It looks like it was really cold outside, but Gemma Massey was definitely making things hot. Check out these Only Opaques photos of Gemma Massey stripping down to her tights. It may be cold, but that didn’t stop Gemma from taking off her beige minidress to show off her brown tights and lace bra.

I have this feeling that she takes off even more inside Only Opaques. Click here to see the entire photo set at Only Opaques. There you can see lots more of Gemma, and hundreds of other sexy models in erotic leg wear. If you like women in stockings, pantyhose or even tights, you’re going to love this site.

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Posted by Mike on December 29th, 2017

Only Opaques - Dannii H

There’s a lot of reasons that men like Dannii H – her stunning looks, her way above average boobs or her thick backside. However, you can’t miss her long, luscious legs and sexy feet. She looks amazing in this pair of pink pantyhose. Check out these photos of Dannii H, a preview of what you can find at Only Opaques. In this photo gallery, Dannii is wearing a cute white top that shows off her sexy curves. She’s also wearing a very short and revealing pink miniskirt.

Click here to see all of the photos of Dannii H at Only Opaques. Only Opaques is a glamour pantyhose and stockings site. They have nothing but photos and videos of beautiful babes in sexy leg wear for you to enjoy.

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Posted by Mike on December 26th, 2017

Only Opaques - Nicole

Today, we have Nicole showing off her cute secretary outfit and green pantyhose. I really like this outfit because I’ve seen more than a few secretaries dressed exactly like this. However, I don’t remember anyone of them doing what Nicole does next which is to start stripping out of her clothes right in the middle of her office. Take a look at this Only Opaques photo gallery featuring Nicole.

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Posted by Mike on December 20th, 2017

Only Opaques - Tanya

Does it get much better than a sexy blonde babe in a college uniform and blue pantyhose? I don’t think so, especially when that blonde babe is named Tanya. Check out these photos from Only Opaques featuring Tanya. Tanya is looking very cute, yet still extremely hot in her college uniform. She’s wearing a blue blouse, a plaid miniskirt and of course you can’t miss her bright colored pantyhose.

Visit Only Opaques to see more of Tanya. Every see sexy babes in college uniforms, or beautiful secretaries and find yourself staring at their nylon covered legs? Then this is the site for you. Only Opaques focuses on nothing but beautiful babes and their sexy leg wear!

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Posted by Mike on December 18th, 2017

Only Opaques - Fiona

Today, we have the lovely Fiona back at Only Opaques. It’s been a long while since we’ve had this blonde babe at Only Opaques, it’s been since August of last year. But after you see today’s photo set, I think you’ll agree that it was worth the wait.

Fiona is wearing a tough, yet sexy punk looking outfit. It’s a red and black stripped shirt with a short denim skirt, but the red stockings give you a hint that there might something on the softer side underneath her punk outfit. Underneath she’s wearing a black bra, with a matching thong and of course when the rest of her clothes are off we get a much better look at her stockings.

See more of Fiona at Only Opaques right now. She’s just one of the many beautiful babes in stockings that you can see inside Only Opaques. Or maybe pantyhose is you thing, well there’s hundreds of sets of sexy women in pantyhose too.

Posted by Mike on December 14th, 2017

Only Opaques - Alexandra

I don’t think there’s a much better way to start off the week then with the sultry Alexandra. This redhead is one of my favorite models from Only Opaques. I think after you check out today’s gallery, you’ll understand why.

Today, Alexandra is wearing light blue pantyhose underneath her grey wool minidress. Also, underneath her dress she has on a very sexy black satin lingerie. Of course, it’s not long before the only thing that she is wearing is her pantyhose and white cotton panties.

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Posted by Mike on December 13th, 2017

Only Opaques - Sadie Lamb

Today from Only Opaques we get to enjoy this gallery featuring the very cute Sadie Lamb. Sadie is just home from school and teasing in her college uniform. She’s wearing a blue sweater, a blue dress shirt and a green miniskirt. However, the most exciting part of this outfit has to be her green colored pantyhose. Underneath her pantyhose, she has on a pair of white cotton panties.

Now, if you want to see more of Sadie Lamb you’ll have to come visit Only Opaques. And not only can you see more of Sadie there, but you can see more sexy babes in pantyhose and stockings. They have literally thousands of photos and hours of videos featuring nothing but beautiful women in erotic leg wear.

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Posted by Mike on December 10th, 2017

Only Opaques - Sandra

This blonde bombshell named Sandra is looking simply stunning today. Check out these photos of Sandra from Only Opaques. She’s dressed as a secretary, wearing a very sexy short and vest combination, but it’s hard to keep your eyes off of her purple pantyhose. It’s not just the color of the nylons that attract your attention, it’s hard to not stare at her long, luscious legs.

Visit Only Opaques to see more of Sandra and her sexy legs. If you have a thing for beautiful women in erotic leg wear, you’ll love Only Opaques because that’s exactly the speciality of Only Opaques. They have nothing but photos and videos of sexy babes in sheer pantyhose and opaque stockings for your viewing pleasure.

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Posted by Mike on December 1st, 2017

Only Opaques - Liana Lace

I don’t know about your office, but my office could definitely use something to break the mundane boredom. I think that something is actually a someone named Liana Lace. There’s only one way to describe Liana Lace today and that is sexy, especially with her burgundy colored pantyhose.

Check out this Only Opaques gallery featuring Liana Lace. She’s wearing a sexy secretary outfit with a very low cut and loose neckline, a khaki colored miniskirt and pantyhose. Knowing Liana, it’s not long before she’s down to just her black bra, matching thong and nylons.

Make sure you come visit Only Opaques. There you can see lots more of Liana as well as hundreds of other sexy babes posing in pantyhose and stockings. All of the photos and videos at Only Opaques are one hundred percent exclusive and you can’t find them anywhere else. Click here for more of a preview of what Only Opaques has to offer.

Posted by Mike on November 27th, 2017

Only Opaques - Hayley Marie

Hayley Marie didn’t feel in the right frame of mind to go to class today, so she skipped school. She was feeling way to naughty to sit inside all day long. So, instead she made a sexy video for Only Opaques.

In this video from Only Opaques, Hayley Marie is braving the chilly weather and teasing out of her college uniform. Underneath her uniform, this busty blonde babe is wearing a pair of purple pantyhose.

This video comes from the last day that the models were in Bulgaria last winter. It looks like even with the cold they had a lot of fun. Click here to download this video of Hayley Marie at Only Opaques. And while you’re there make sure to check out all of the sexy photos and naughty videos from the trip to Bulgaria.






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