Posted by Mike on March 30th, 2017

Natalie D is a sexy blonde babe who makes the perfect secretary with those humongous round titties of hers! Natalie isn't the only sweet teen babe with huge tits though, take a look around Only Opaques today and you'll find a huge selection of delicious teens with juicy tits and even better – every single one of them is dressed in soft sheer nylons! Whether you love sexy blonde secretaries like Natalie in black stockings or whether you like fiery redheaded teens in soft white pantyhose you will have enough naughty teen hotties falling over themselves to flash their assets just for you that you won't know where to begin!

Take a look at Natalie D as she starts off by showing off in that tight white shirt and her that short gray skirt with her sheer black stockings underneath. As she leans back in her office chair she flashes a peek at those long legs sheathed in that soft black nylon. Even Natalie can't keep her hands off those long legs and soon she can't help herself and she starts to slip out of that work uniform. As she unbuttons that blouse slowly she lets those huge tits pop right out of her bra!

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Posted by Mike on March 23rd, 2017

Hayley-Marie is definitely a fan favorite over at Only Opaques! Her legs just look so amazing in those sheer black stockings but she definitely isn't the only fan favorite over at Only Opaques! One look around will reveal hundreds of kinky teen babes wearing nylons of all types from stockings to pantyhose to leggings! Whether you love watching babes in brightly colored stockings or dark black pantyhose you will find more sexy teen babes than you ill know what to do with!

Take a look at these pictures of Hayley-Marie as she starts off showing off in those sexy black stockings and her long pink skirt. You'd have no idea that Hayley was hiding such delicious legs and sexy stockings underneath that skirt but once she gets started teasing there is no stopping her from flashing those sexy nylons! That isn't all she flashes though because as that skirt comes up she shows off those naughty panties of hers as well! Soon enough Hayley is showing off in just her panties and bra and those delicious tight curves that she knows will drive you absolutely insane!

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Posted by Mike on March 20th, 2017

Danni K is a sexy blonde babe who just loves to spend a night out on the town! This kinky teen can't get enough of dressing up to the nines, showing off in her silky satin evening gown with those soft sheer black stockings on as well! Danni K isn't the only teen hottie at Only Opaques that enjoys dressing up though, one look around will show you just how much all of the naughty teens at Only Opaques love to show off in their silky nylons! Whether you love stockings, pantyhose or just about anything else that is made of nylon, you are going to love taking a look around Only Opaques!

This new set of Danni K is a good place to start, especially if you love sheer black stockings! Danni looks just delicious in her green satin evening gown as she lays back on the bed and shows off those slinky black stockings that look absolutely mouth watering as they cling to her thighs! Danni doesn't just tease though, soon enough she is slipping out of that dress and showing off her perky titties and giving an even better look at those sexy stockings!

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Posted by Mike on March 18th, 2017

Natalia is such a huge fan favorite over at Only Opaques that she was voted model of the year by all of the hardcore nylon loving fans! Its' no wonder though, just one look at that delicious body of hers and those soft black nylons that sheath her legs will drive any guy to insanity! Natalia might be model of the year but she certainly isn't the only model of the year at Only Opaques! As the web's biggest site dedicated to naughty teens in nylons you can find babes of all shapes and sizes showing off in their sheer stockings and their sexy pantyhose! You won't be able to get enough because these girls keep going all day and all night and they can't wait for you to join them!

Take a look at these photos of Natalia as she starts off playing cute in her soft satin robe and those delicious lace topped black stockings. If you love stockings you won't be able to get enough of these pictures of Natalia because as she lays back and spreads those legs just a little she flashes a peek at those thick and juicy thighs and gives a naughty smile!

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Posted by Mike on March 13th, 2017

Kim B is a sexy blond secretary in this new set of pictures that she just dropped off over at Only Opaques. If you're in love with sexy babes in nylons then you are really going to get a kick out of seeing Kim show off her sheer black stockings. Kim isn't the only delicious teen babe at Only Opaques though, as the net's biggest site dedicated to bringing you the best of the world's sexiest teen babes in stockings, pantyhose and other sexy nylons you just can't find a larger collection of sultry teasing babes anywhere else!

Take a look at these pictures of Kim B as she starts off showing off as the slutty secretary, her cute black stockings and her short secretary skirt. As she struts her stuff for the camera she flashes her naughty smile because she knows just how crazy she is driving you as she lifts that skirt just an inch and gives you a look at her mouth watering stockings! It doesn't take long for Kim to strip off a little more and show those perfect plump ass cheeks in her tiny black thong along with those sheer black stockings that you just can't get enough of!

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Posted by Mike on March 10th, 2017

Leah F sure knows how to wow a crowd and when she dropped off her newest set of pictures of her showing off in her sexy black evening gown she make quite a splash! Leah and all of her delicious girlfriends at Only Opaques loves to show off for the crowd though, in fact it only turns them on more knowing that they are turning you on as they strip out of their outfits to show off for you wearing nothing but their nylons! Just take a look around Only Opaques and you will be sure to find a babe that suits your needs and pushes all of the right buttons for you!

Take a look through these pictures of Leah F as she starts teasing in that long elegant evening gown and her gorgeous sheer black stockings. As she lays back she lifts up her dress and flashes a peek at her panties and the tops of those stockings. As she sits up again she tugs on her dress and lets her sweet titties pop out of her dress and she can't stop teasing her perky pink nipples.

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Posted by Mike on March 5th, 2017

Natalia and Alana couldn't keep their hands off each other in this set of photos! It's no surprise though because with as naughty as the girls over at Only Opaques are it's no wonder that these girls couldn't stop teasing each other! Whether you are up for redheads, brunettes, blondes or those raven haired temptresses you are sure to find everything you are looking for now over at Only Opaques because every single one of these hotties is dressed in a sweet pair of nylons. These girls don't discriminate either they love stockings, pantyhose and leggings too!

Take a look at these pictures of Natalia and Alana as they start off showing off together in their office. Those kinky secretaries can't keep their hands off each others juicy asses for long though and soon they are groping each other and teasing until they just can't help but strip each other off and put their hands all over each others tight toned bodies! Things get even more delicious as they show off their perky titties and slide their hands over each others perky pink nipples! Natalia and Alana are far from your ordinary type of secretaries, no, these two just make every guys ultimate fantasy come true!

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Posted by Mike on March 3rd, 2017

Louisa P dropped by with this set of pictures just this morning and if there is one thing that the members over at Only Opaques love it's pictures of a sexy teen babe showing off in her college uniform along with sexy nylons! If it's sexy nylons you're looking for then you will be perfectly at home over at Only Opaques! These naughty teens are always ready and willing to show off their assets for the camera especially when they're showing off in stockings or pantyhose! Whether you love black seamed stockings or bright colored pantyhose you will be at home at Only Opaques!

Take a look at these pictures of Louisa P as she starts off showing off in her delicious college uniform. That sexy skirt caresses her thighs as she shows off those kinky black stockings! As she sits back she pulls her legs up to her chest and flashes the perfect view of those silky nylons with a smile. Things only keep getting better though as Louisa strips out of her uniform and shows off in her cute panties and bra and of course those mouth watering stockings!

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Posted by Mike on February 26th, 2017

Kelly M knows just how to seduce that camera lens as well as any guy who is remotely turned on by nylons because Kelly can wear a pair of stockings! Take a look at this naughty brunette as she shows off in her satin evening gown and those mouth watering stockings! If Kelly isn't your type though and you much prefer a kinky blonde or a fiery redhead in pantyhose try not to panic because over at Only Opaques you can get your pick of hundreds of sexy teens who look just as amazing in nylons regardless of what type of nylons they are!

Take a look at this set of pictures of Kelly M as she starts off showing off in that soft satin dress! Soon she lays down on that bed with a smile, inviting you to join her as she slides that dress up over her thighs. As she keeps on teasing Kelly slides her perky tit out of her top as well and soon she can't stop herself and she has slipped out of her dress completely! As she lays there in nothing but those sexy black stockings and a smile she knows that you need to see more!

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Posted by Mike on February 24th, 2017

Charli Delu has an amazing talent, she can get guys to do just about anything she wants with just once glance from those delicious light brown eyes. It doesn't hurt that Charli has such a tasty toned body either though! You won't believe this newest set of pictures of Charli as she shows off that sweet body of hers! Charli is already driving all of the fans at Only Opaques absolutely nuts with this set of pictures and it only gets better from here! If you have a thing for nylons then you are definitely going to want to spend some time searching around Only Opaques and taking a look at the most gorgeous teen babes in nylons that you have ever seen!

Take a look through these pictures of Charli Delu as she begins to show off in her tight shirt and her short skirt paired with those silky black stockings. Charli truly is the picture of perfection but as she starts to strip down she makes sure that you catch every second of the action as she shows off the tops of those stockings with a cheeky grin! It's not long before Charli is posing in just her panties and her stockings!

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