Posted by Mike on August 21st, 2016

Ashley White is a naughty blonde teen who looks absolutely mouth watering in any type of nylons but these bright blue stockings are enough to blow anyone's mind! It's not often that you find a babe ballsy enough to wear stocking so bright but they look absolutely delicious on Ashley's long shapely legs. As she starts to show them off it's the material of every guys fantasy come true, sliding her hands up and down her soft nylons. Watch Ashley in these pictures as she shows off in her tight black mini dress and her soft nylon stockings. Slowly she unzips her dress and lets her perky titties pop out and soon she's showing off her lacy panty and bra set. Things get even hotter as Ashley slips out of her clothes and stands in front of the camera with just her bright blue stockings and her lacy panties with her perky titties showing!

If you love watching hot teens and babes in nylon stockings and pantyhose then you're really going to love Only Opaques! Only Opaques is dedicated to naughty teen babes who love to wear nylons as much as you love to look at them! Hundreds of the hottest babes strip out of their sexy outfits just to show off their nylons.

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Posted by Mike on August 20th, 2016

Take a good long look at this sexy set of photos of Dannii H in her silky pink pantyhose. Dannii is one naughty teen babe, she's the type of girl who will do anything you ask her not to do just to get the thrill of doing it but with a body like hers she can get away with absolutely anything! Check out this blonde teen bombshell as she starts off posing and spreading her legs to show off her delicious panties underneath her pantyhose. Soon enough Dannii has slipped out of her skirt and is showing off her delicious pantyhose as they cling tightly to her succulent thighs just begging to be slowly peeled down.

If you love these pictures of Dannii H then you're really going to love the thousands of pictures over at Only Opaques. If you head over there now not only will you get access to thousands of pictures but you will also get to see the girls in action in high quality video footage as well and let me tell you there is nothing hotter than watching a babe slip out of her nylons live! If you think you can handle it go take a look around!

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Posted by Mike on August 19th, 2016

Naughty blonde babe Karen loves pantyhose and nylon as much as the biggest nylon lover out there. There is nothing that Karen loves more than a silky pair of pantyhose rubbing against her skin and she can't keep her hands off them as she strips off for the camera! Karen particularly loves to dress up for the camera just so that she can strip off again and catch every moment on tape!

Watch Karen in these pictures as she starts off dress up in her tight red shirt and her short shorts. As she poses for the camera she flashes those eyes that say “cum here now” and as she crawls towards the lens she makes sure to show plenty of her nylon sheathed legs. Carefully she slips out of her skirt and shows off her nylon pantyhose. Her blue cotton panties look so delicious underneath her pantyhose and she knows it as well because she can't help but slide her hands over that soft nylon each time that she gets the chance! Next Karen slips out of her shirt, flashing her perky braless titties that would make any mouth water!

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Posted by Mike on August 18th, 2016

Naughty blonde teen Tanya is a real show off for the camera but she is just one of the smoking hot teen babes who make up the hundreds of cute teens over at Only Opaques! If you love to watch hot teens like Tanya showing off their silky pantyhose and stockings for the camera then you're going to love watching all of the teens over at Only Opaques! From blondes to brunettes to redheads you will find them all showing off their opaque nylons for the camera over at Only Opaques!

Just watch Tanya in these pictures as she begins by posing in her cute dress in the office. Her sexy beige pantyhose look just succulent on her long legs and things get even hotter when she  lifts up her dress to flash her juicy ass in her pantyhose! Those pantyhose cling tightly to her curves and as she bends over to show her ass she slips out of her high heels as well to show off her supple arches covered in nylon. Next Tanya slips out of her dress and then comes her bra. Laying down in front of the camera Tanya is wearing nothing but her pantyhose without a bra on and it's enough to drive any guy insane!

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Posted by Mike on August 17th, 2016

Yvette just shared these pictures not too long ago over at Only Opaques and let me tell you everyone went nuts over them. There is something so delicious about a sexy teen babe in a nice pair of silky stockings with a red garter belt. Not only does Yvette look absolutely edible in stockings and a garter belt but she also has an ass that you could bounce a quarter off and framed by those delicious stockings she truly is a sight to behold.

Take a good long look at these pictures of Yvette as she starts off dressed in her black business suit with her black stockings to match. Those naughty black patent high heels look even more amazing slipped on her nylon covered feet. As she kneels up on the chair she lifts up her skirt just a little bit to flash her plump round ass and the tops of her sleek black stockings. Next Yvette slips out of her jacket and flashes her lacy red bra that holds her mouth watering tits. Next Yvette goes for what you really want, she slips down her skirt to show off her black stockings and her thick delicious thighs sheathed in black nylon. As she gently parts her legs she flashes a smile.

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Posted by Mike on August 16th, 2016

Louise is a delicious brunette teen who works at a local company filing paperwork but more importantly Louise also spends time posing for the camera in her sexy pantyhose and stockings over at Only Opaques! Just one of the many teen babes over at Only Opaques Louise isn't afraid to show off all her assets but what she loves most of all is showing off her tasty nylons to fellow nylon lovers like in this set of pictures from Only Opaques that went up not too long ago and got an amazing response!

Watch Louise in these pictures as she starts off in her short pleated skirt and her button up blouse that is pulled tightly over her perky tits. Louise kneels on her chair and lifts up her skirt and flashes her nylon covered ass, showing the outline of her sexy panties. Flashing her smile Louise unbuttons her shirt and her tits look so perfect in her sexy black bra. As she unhooks her skirt Louise shows off her sexy white nylon pantyhose in their entirety, the top clinging to her sexy flat stomach and the legs clinging to her plump thighs. Louise kneels on her desk and unhooks her bra.

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Posted by Mike on August 15th, 2016

Natasha Marley is an unbelievably sexy blonde teen babe who loves to show off her body for the camera. Natasha also loves showing off in just about any costume she can get her hands on but he all time favorite is the police woman's costume that she found in the girl's shared closet over at Only Opaques headquarters. When Natasha first walked out of the closet wearing this naughty policewoman outfit mouths dropped open and the camera started to flash and you better bet that Natasha lapped up that camera flash! As she started posing, showing off her sheer black pantyhose, her long delicious legs and her knee high boots. Natasha starts stripping off and soon enough she is standing before the camera in only her sexy pantyhose and she pulls them right up over her perky tits!

If you love watching smoking hot babes who love to show off their long legs in sheer and opaque pantyhose and stockings then you are going to love all of the hot babes at Only Opaques. From black stockings to navy pantyhose, from orange tights to purple leggings you can find all types of nylonsover at the Only Opaques website!

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Posted by Mike on August 14th, 2016

Jessica Spencer is a gorgeous long haired brunette babe who spends most of her spare time dancing, that is when she's not posing for the camera. Jessica really loves to be caught on camera but she also loves the feel of her ballet costume and so when she was offered the chance to pose for photographs in her slinky pink ballet outfit she jumped at the chance. Jessica was even more excited to slip out of her slinky pink ballet costume than she was to pose in it though!

Watch Jessica in this set of pictures as she starts off by posing for the camera in her soft satin pink ballet outfit. First Jessica slips off her soft satin slippers to show off her delicate feet. As she bends over and slides her hand over her satin covered ass she flashes her delicious white pantyhose. Just watching Jessica showing off her soft white pantyhose is enough to get any guy interested but when she slips out of her leotard and shows off the top of those pantyhose as they cling to her stomach is just too much!

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Posted by Mike on August 13th, 2016

Naughty blonde babe Jenni P is as cute as they come and she looks absolutely amazing all dressed up in her college uniform. From her delicious short plaid skirt to her tight white blouse Jenni looks simply mouth watering. Only Opaques is jam packed full of sexy babes dressed up in uniform from college girls to sexy nurses there is no shortage of sexy girls showing off in their pantyhose and stockings for the camera! Jenni is just one of the hundreds of girls over at Only Opaques and she is dressed up to the nines in her navy pantyhose and short plaid skirt.

That heavy school uniform looks pretty uncomfortable though because Jenni just can't wait to get out of it! Slipping out of her sweater and unhooking her skirt Jenni shows off her delicious pantyhose covered waist. The top of her navy pantyhose clings to her hips, covering her sexy stomach. Unbuttoning her shirt she shows her perky teen titties and stands in front of the camera in just those sweet nylon pantyhose with those mouth watering titties showing! As she stands squarely in front of the camera she starts to tease even more with her fingers under the waist of her panties.

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Posted by Mike on August 12th, 2016

Is there anything hotter than a cute blonde secretary except maybe when she resembles a naughty librarian with her glasses at the end of her nose and her hair tied up in a bun and that is just what Andrea looks like in this smoking hot set of pictures! Andrea is one delicious teen and talk about liberated, this babe believes in making everyone's fantasies come true, you should see the variety of costumes and uniforms she dresses up in over at Only Opaques! She just can't get enough knowing that she's making your fantasies true!

Watch Andrea in this hot set of photos as she starts off sitting at the kitchen table in her secretary uniform, he leg propped up on the table with her delicious black pantyhose showing as it clings to her shapely leg. Carefully but without hesitation Andrea slips her skirt down to the floor and unbuttons her top letting her juicy tits free. Jumping up on the table Andrea spreads her nylon covered legs and flashes her naughty smile as she runs her hands over the soft black nylon. Then Andrea unhooks her bra to let her juicy tits free and she looks so amazing in just those pantyhose!

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