Posted by Mike on October 14th, 2016

Rachel Jay is a cute blonde haired teen who made her debut over at Only Opaques a few years ago but ever since she first appeared she has been a fan favorite! It's no surprise that Rachel Jay is so well loved by all the members over at Only Opaques though with such a sexy tight toned body and an attitude that anyone would be jealous of, Rachel Jay is always willing to please. Most of the delicious stocking and pantyhose wearing teens at Only Opaques are always willing to please though, they will do anything to get you worked up and they know just where to stop.

Take a look at these hot pictures of Rachel Jay as she starts off posing for the camera in her tight turtleneck sweater and her delicious secretary's pencil skirt. Rachel is the perfect secretary that every man dreams about! When she slips that sweater up over her head and reveals her perky titties in her black satin bra. Next Rachel lets her skirt fall to the floor and when it does she looks so naughty in her sheer black stockings that even she can't help but slide her hands down over the soft fabric.

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Posted by Mike on October 13th, 2016

Penelope is a raven haired hottie who loves to show off in all of her newest and hottest clothes, she just can't wait to show off her newest clothes for all of her fans over at Only Opaques. Luckily for the huge fans over at Only Opaques one of Penelope's very favorite things to purchase are nylons – stockings and pantyhose and just about anything she can get her hands on! Whether she's showing off outdoors or indoors Penelope slips out of her outfit to flash those perfect assets of hers with a big white smile and a little naughty flash in her eye!

Take a good look at these pictures of Penelope as she shows off outdoors in a field not too far from her house. She starts off just posing for the camera in her tight red leather mini skirt and her sexy cheetah print top. Those mouth watering black lace topped stockings are the piece de resistance though, clinging to her plump thighs and covering her delicious shapely legs. As the camera starts clicking she wastes no time in sliding down to the ground and stretching out her legs to show her sexy stockings and the very tops of her juicy soft thighs.

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Posted by Mike on October 12th, 2016

Alexandra is one of the most in demand teen babes over at Only Opaques, with her fiery ginger hair and a delicious tight toned body it's no wonder that everyone wants a piece of Alexandra! While Alexandra is one of the naughtiest teen babes over at Only Opaques she's not the only babe in demand! Just one look around the delicious selection of teens at Only Opaques and you will know exactly why Only Opaques is one of the nets top rated nylon dedicated sites and you are sure to find just what you are looking for!

Just take a good long look at these pictures of sexy ginger haired Alexandra as she shows off her cute plaid dress that hugs her every curve and paired with those deep chocolate sheer stockings she is enough to drive any man wild! Watch as she slides down to the floor, spreading her legs ever so slightly to show her white cotton panties and the tops of her sheer stockings. It's not long before Alexandra slips her dress down to the floor and shows those naughty stockings in their full glory, clinging to her plump thighs and sheathing her sexy toned calves.

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Posted by Mike on October 11th, 2016

Nadia is a sexy brunette teen who looks delicious in her cute college uniform, so cute in fact that even when she's walking to her college classes she gets lines of guys following her. All she has to do is flash a smile and she finds herself with lines of guys just begging to help her carry her books but they always expect to catch a look at her delicious cleavage or even see the tops of her stockings or crotch of her pantyhose. Nothing is ever free. The thing about Nadia though is that she never gives something away for nothing either and unless she feels like being naughty and sharing that perfect body of hers then those poor saps get absolutely nothing!

Take a look at these mouth watering photos of Nadia as she starts off by just posing in her sexy college uniform. Soon enough she slips out of her sweater and unties that slender tie. Leaning up against the bookcase she lifts her skirt up over her juicy ass and shows off that soft opaque black nylon as it clings to every inch of her juicy ass, her thick thighs and her slender calves.

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Posted by Mike on October 10th, 2016

Natasha Marley is a cute blonde haired blue eyed teen who can pull off just about any look, whether she's wearing a long evening gown or just a pair of shorts and a shirt she always looks drop dead gorgeous. That said though most babes over at Only Opaques look drop dead gorgeous but that are always always dressed up in soft nylon which only serves to make the package that much sweeter! From sheer black tights to pink fishnet stockings the girls at Only Opaques have only one desire – to turn you on while wearing naughty nylons and believe me, they excel at it!

Take a look at these pictures of Natasha Marley as she starts off showing off for the camera while wearing her slinky black satin evening dress and her black sheer stockings. Even as she props her black high heels up on the couch to just pose for a second Natasha looks delicious. Her legs so shapely with the soft nylon clinging to every curve of her thighs. Soon this naughty tease has stripped out of her evening gown and is standing in front of the camera wearing nothing but her panties and her sheer black stockings!

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Posted by Mike on October 9th, 2016

Brown eyed, brunette hottie Kim B has always loved the grace of ballet dancers and when she dropped in to Only Opaques to get a smoking hot set of photos taken she headed straight for the costume closet. Rummaging through the drawers she looked and looked until she came across a delicious pair of white pantyhose and a cute ballerina outfit. It wasn't so much the tutu or the leotard that she was looking for but when she laid her hands on the white pantyhose she just couldn't say no. The very thought of slipping those white nylon pantyhose legs over her long supple legs made her pussy wet and her nipples hard.

Take a look at these pictures of Kim B as she starts off showing off her cute little ballet outfit. As she stroked her soft leotard she lets her hands slip down her white pantyhose, sliding her fingers over her thighs. Soon she starts to slip down her leotard and flashes those delicious titties of hers balanced delicately in her lacy pink bra but most of all she winds up wearing nothing but those soft white pantyhose. Her shapely legs painted with the cute white nylon and her nipples already hard.

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Posted by Mike on October 8th, 2016

With her long blonde hair and her tight delicious body Willow is an all time favorite babe over at Only Opaques because she has such long luscious legs and such an affinity for sexy sheer stockings that she always leaves the stocking lovers of Only Opaques smiling! If you don't have a thing for sexy blondes then don't worry because over at Only Opaques you can find a huge selection of delicious teen babes with hair of every color under the sun. Not only can you find babes with hair colors of all types you can also find babes of all sizes wearing all colors of stockings and pantyhose!

Take a look at these pictures of Willow as she starts off by posing in her long satin evening dress. That slim black dress looks absolutely amazing as it hugs her curves but it looks even better when she drops it down to the floor and flashes her amazing figure. Those sheer black stockings hug every inch of her legs and she gives the camera that look, that look that begs you to come just a little closer so that she can show you absolutely everything you've ever wanted to see!

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Posted by Mike on October 7th, 2016

Nikki F is a cute blonde teen and she looks absolutely amazing in her cute college uniform! Most of the sexy teens over at Only Opaques do look amazing in their college uniforms though and if you're looking for cute redheads, blondes or brunettes showing off in their college uniforms then you're going to find everything that you're looking for over at Only Opaques! Not only are these teens world class teases but they show off in their hot stockings and pantyhose and drive nylon lovers everywhere absolutely insane!

Just take a look at these pictures of Nikki F as she starts by showing off her sexy college uniform!  Crossing her legs she feels the soft gray pantyhose rubbing against themselves and she starts getting hot already. Lifting her skirt completely she shows the crotch of her pantyhose, those thick gray pantyhose that cling to her panties and her thick juicy thighs. Next Nikki slips out of her shirt to flash her sexy titties and lets her short pleated skirt drop down to the floor. Nikki looks absolutely amazing as she stands there before the camera in nothing but those thick grey pantyhose!

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Posted by Mike on October 6th, 2016

Liana Lace has always been a kinky teen who loves lingerie and when she found out that she could drop in to Only Opaques and show off her lingerie and get paid to do it she couldn't help herself. Even more so she loved that she was going to get the chance to try on and show off her silky nylons! Liana has a collection of pantyhose like you wouldn't believe but she is always willing to try on just one more pair for the camera because she can't resist that soft shiny nylon against her soft supple skin. Just running her hands over that soft nylon gets her turned on!

Take a look at these pictures of Liana Lace as she starts off by showing off in her cute outfit on the stairs. Those sexy black patterned tights and her short skirt, that tight shirt that hugs her perky titties and a smile that looks so inviting. It's not long before Liana is laying on her back spreading her legs wide, showing off her crotch of her pantyhose. She slips out of that skirt and leaning back her cute white panties shine through her patterned black pantyhose.

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Posted by Mike on October 5th, 2016

Charlotte is a delicious raven haired babe with dark features that knock men everywhere off their feet. Even when she's at work in her tight secretary dress she drives men wild but when she comes in to shoot for Only Opaques Charlotte drives more than the men wild, she drives herself wild because she has a nylon habit that she just can't stop! When it comes to nylons she loves pantyhose and stockings and she loves all colors as well, it's not just plain black pantyhose for Charlotte, she'll take anything she can get as long as it means feeling that soft supple nylon against her skin!

Take a look at these pictures of Charlotte as she starts off posing in her sheath dress and her sexy black stockings in the office. Kneeling up on her desk she flashes that gorgeous smile and spreads those legs just wide enough to flash her panties. Then she slips that dress down over her delicious perky tits and her rounded hips and shows off the tops of those black kinky stockings. As she lets her delicious tits free she shows off that sexy pink garterbelt off as it hands on desperately to those sheer soft nylon stockings!

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