Posted by Mike on July 18th, 2016

Sexy blonde teen Renata just put a brand new set of pictures up over at Only Opaques and everyone is going insane over them! What's not to love about a drop dead gorgeous blonde teen posing in her college uniform though? Especially when she's wearing a sexy pair of white pantyhose! College girls always know just how to tease the camera by flashing a little leg and rubbing their hands up their soft pantyhose, just barely showing their delicious thighs sheathed in nylon.

Watch Renata in this sexy set of pictures as she starts off just posing for the camera in her college uniform but then she gets naughtier and slips off her shoes to show her soft feet in her white pantyhose. Even better still Renata slowly slips out of her shirt as well and gives a quick peek at her perky teen titties. Best of all Renata then unhooks her skirt and lets it fall to the floor, showing off her pantyhose and her tiny cotton thong underneath. As she lays there in just her pantyhose Renata can't keep her hands off them and an inch at a time she slides her fingers over the soft shiny nylon and flashes her gorgeous smile for the camera.

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Posted by Mike on July 17th, 2016

Take a look at today's hot pictures made especially for all you nylon lovers by Aiysha over at Only Opaques! Aiysha loves nylons just as much as you guys do and there is nothing she won't do for a brand new pair of pantyhose or stockings! This black pair of tights is one of Aiysha's favorite pairs because they have such a cute pattern on them and they're nice and thick but still see through enough to show her bright white cotton panties through when she wants to be naughty and do a little strip tease!

Watch Aiysha in this set of pictures as she starts off wearing her school uniform, he short pleated skirt and her tight blue blouse with a matching blue tie. Looking so cute she sits on her desk in her room and shows off her long legs in her delicious pantyhose. Carefully Aiysha unbuttons her shirt and shows her tight tanned stomach and finally her plump juicy titties. As she gets down to wearing just her black pantyhose with her delicious white panties underneath she turns around and spreads her legs to show off her delicious plump round ass!

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Posted by Mike on July 16th, 2016

Sadie Lamb looks like a real doll in her sexy white stockings and her lilac suspenders! Check out all of these pictures from Sadie Lamb over at Only Opaques and you'll see what Sadie is one of the all time favorite babes over at the site with some of the hottest babes in stockings and pantyhose!  Sadie works part time as a secretary and always dresses up for work in her soft opaque white stockings and she always looks absolutely amazing, so much so that all she ever has to do at work is sit there and look pretty because the guys do all the work for her!

If you love seeing sexy babes in stockings and pantyhose like Sadie Lamb here then you are really going to love Only Opaques. Only Opaques is the top website on the net full of sexy teasing teens wearing nylons and posing for the cameras while showing off those delicious nylons! With 238 models and over 144,000 pictures of sexy babes in nylon stockings and pantyhose Only Opaques really is a nylon lovers dream! Check it out today and you'll also get access to over 400 videos of sexy babes showing off their slender legs and teasing you until you can't take it anymore!

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Posted by Mike on July 15th, 2016

Take a look at teen cutie Kate Booth from Only Opaques! This sexy brunette teen has a body that turns heads everywhere she goes, especially with those massive titties of hers! Kate works as a graphic designer at a company downtown but most of the time they let her work from home which is great for Kate because most days she has to take quite a few breaks during the day to relax herself a little bit. With a body like Kate's everybody would take more breaks than actual working time every day! Just check out these pictures of Kate Booth in her home office!

Kate starts off wearing her extremely tight blouse and her short short skirt but what really makes her outfit amazing is those white pantyhose that sheath her delicious legs! As she slips out of her high heels and hops up on her desk she stands on her tippytoes and shows off her supple feet in those white pantyhose. Unbuttoning her blouse Kate shows off her massive titties in her sexy ruffled bra. Reaching above her head she slides down in her chair and shows off her long legs as well as her plump tits.

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Posted by Mike on July 14th, 2016

Sexy brunette babe Mili is a favorite over at Only Opaques for a damn good reason…two damn good reasons actually and you can see both of them in the picture above! Mili has the longest most delicious legs that you will ever see on a hot model and not only does she have them but she knows just how to tease leg lovers with them as she bends and flexes any which way she can! Watch Mili in these pictures as she shows off in her dark red lingerie set and her soft lace topped black stockings!

Mili starts off just sitting in a chair showing off her perfect body in her silky red lingerie but with those long legs sheathed in dark black nylon stockings and her thighs  spread just enough to flash her pussy she knows just what she's doing! Mili can tease just about anyone with a body like hers but a foot and leg lover is in absolute heaven watching her in action. Those shiny black high heels and those shapely legs coated with lace topped black stockings are every guys dream. As she teases Mili strips out of her red lingerie to reveal her perky teen tits!

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Posted by Mike on July 13th, 2016

Jasmine is a smoking hot redheaded babe who always catches the attention of the guys over at Only Opaques because she always looks absolutely amazing particularly in her sexy pantyhose or stockings. Just take a look at these pictures of Jasmine that went up not too long ago of her in her purple pantyhose and her gray sweater dress! There is nothing hotter than a babe in a short dress and a pair of pantyhose.

Watch Jasmine N as she shows off for the camera in her thick gray sweater dress and her delicious opaque purple pantyhose. It's not often that you see a sexy babe wearing a pair of pantyhose like these purple ones but they look so delicious on Jasmine's supple long legs that it's hard to tear your eyes away from her! Watch her as she slips her dress down to the floor and shows off her lacy delicate bra. Standing there in her bra and her deep purple pantyhose Jasmine looks absolutely mouth watering and anyone would be hard pressed not to slip those soft nylons down to the floor and kiss her legs with every inch.

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Posted by Mike on July 12th, 2016

Take a look at these pictures of Penelope in her sexy black stockings from Only Opaques! This kinky teen babe is a fan of doing just about anything that involves risk taking and that includes stripping off in the middle of someone elses meadow! There isn't a thing that Penelope won't do for that rush of adrenaline and she's always particularly keen when that involves stripping off for a camera at the same time!

Watch Penelope in these pictures as she decides to do a little strip tease out in a local farmer's meadow! She starts off dressed up in her kinky red leather mini skirt and her tight cheetah print top as well as those matching black stockings but it's not long before the clothes start coming off! Penelope keeps an eye on the camera as she lifts her skirt to reveal the delicious lace top of her black stockings and then she gets down on all fours and starts crawling towards the camera in her stockings! Penelope then unzips her boots to give a nice up close look at those sexy see through black stockings and next off is her lingerie top! Those perky titties combined with her stockings is too much for any stocking lover's heart!

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Posted by Mike on July 11th, 2016

Joceline is a cute blonde teen who looks absolutely amazing in a pair of stockings. There is something so heart stopping about a smoking hot babe in a silky shiny pair of new stockings and Joceline is definitely a hot babe! Joceline has always loved wearing pantyhose and stockings because of the way the soft smooth fabric feels against her long luscious legs and even when she's wearing them she just can't help but run her hands down her legs. Even in public Joceline can't stop herself from feeling the delicate nylon whenever she gets the chance!

Take a look at these pictures of Joceline as she poses for the camera in her hot pink stockings and her matching hot pink bra and panty set. Although first you'll get to see Joceline's sexy little striptease as she starts off wearing a tight black mini dress with her sexy pink stockings. There isn't too much stripteasing going on though because with one swish of her hands Joceline is showing off her perky tits in her little bra and her delicious panties and stockings! It doesn't get any better than this for true nylon lovers!

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Posted by Mike on July 10th, 2016

Check out these naughty pictures of Rachel C in her black pantyhose from over at Only Opaques! Rachel is a cute blonde teen with a certain celeb look about her and she has a real knack for teasing especially when she's working in the office! Rachel loves to be the center of attention and it's not difficult being that she's the only woman working there and every single guy that works there has to rely on her to do all of their paperwork for them. Rachel thrives on being the center of attention and she especially loves it when she has the chance to show off for her co-workers.

Last week they had a birthday party for one of her co-workers and since they weren't allowed to hire strippers Rachel decided that she would serve as a stand in and do a little strip tease of her own through their lunch break. Naughty Rachel sat her coworker down opposite her desk and slipping out of her shoes she sat up on her desk and parted her thighs just enough to flash her panties through her dark nylons. Rachel had no idea that he was obsessed with nylons though and the whole time she was stripping he was drooling over her silky black pantyhose that sheathed her long luscious legs!

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Posted by Mike on July 9th, 2016

Check out raven haired beauty Sophie in today's set of hot Only Opaques pictures! This kinky dark haired teen is just the kind of secretary that you want at your office because not only is she smoking hot but she's also willing to work overtime. Okay so the overtime isn't all that Sophie is willing to do, she also likes to do little strip shows and climb up on to her desk when she thinks that no one else is watching! Just watch Sophie in this huge set of pics as she entertains herself in the office when everyone else is out to lunch!

Sophie starts off in a short little skirt and a tight blouse with her purple pantyhose on. Those sexy pantyhose just hug her sexy legs and every time she moves the delicious nylon shimmers in the light. Once everyone has left the office Sophie starts by just slipping out of her jacket but then things get a little carried away and Sophie is is dropping her skirt to the floor and sitting on the desk in her sheer pantyhose. The cool desk presses against her round ass and she just can't help but unbutton her shirt to flash her tiny little tits as well!

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