Posted by Mike on June 25th, 2016

Get a good look at this sexy blue eyed blonde haired babe from Only Opaques! Jessie is about as cute as they get and she isn't shy about showing off her delicious body either. Jessie has always had a thing for retro life and everything she owns goes along with the retro theme even her wardrobe! Jessie's favorite outfit is this little get up with her typical 1950's pink high heels and her tight pink boatneck sweater that shows off her supple tanned shoulders. Jessie always pairs it with a short denim skirt even though it's not retro she loves the feeling of bending over and feeling a breeze against her thighs!

Watch Jessie in these pictures as she starts off fully dressed but then she bends over and lifts up her skirt to flash her panties through her delicious black pantyhose. Those long legs of hers look so amazing sheathed in black nylon and the faint outline of her sexy white panties through her pantyhose is enough to turn on any real pantyhose lover! Jessie isn't just a tease though and she lifts up her sweater to show off her succulent perky breasts and peels down her skirt to show off the carefully sewn crotch of her black pantyhose!

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Posted by Mike on June 24th, 2016

Take a long look at these pictures of Brooke W that went up on Only Opaques not too long ago! This naughty blonde teen babe is certainly a fan favorite with her tight body and her big fluffy titties. Brooke W works at a local company as a secretary and she looks so amazing in her secretary outfits that she wears to work that she can't even walk a block to work without wolf whistles galore but she doesn't mind the attention, in fact she loves the attention.

Watch Brooke in these pictures as she starts off dressed up in her cute outfit. Her light blue business suit makes her look a real pro but once that big jacket comes off and her plump titties are visible underneath her tight peach colored blouse. Slipping down her skirt Brooke drops it to the floor and flashes a good look of her sexy black stockings and her garter belt which hold them tightly to her sexy long legs. Perching herself up on her desk Brooke spreads her legs slightly to flash her naughty panties while she unbuttons her blouse to show off her matching bra and her perky tits.

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Posted by Mike on June 23rd, 2016

Take a good long look at these smoking hot pictures of Ellie a blonde bombshell who is a real treat to watch as she poses for photographs because she always looks drop dead gorgeous in her sexy slinky stockings. Ellie is always happy to show off for the camera and she loves the attention. This naughty babe looks a real treat in her short dress and black stockings and she isn't afraid to show off all of her assets as that camera flash starts flashing!

Watch Ellie as she starts off in her flowing dress and those sexy black stockings that sheath her luxurious long legs. As the camera starts to flash she lifts up the hem of her dress to show off her thigh and her plump round ass as she turns around. Getting down on her hands and knees she sticks her delicious ass up in the air and licks her lips. Those stockings creep slowly up her legs and she slips out of her black high heels. Things get even better when Ellie slips her dress over her head and flashes her massive natural tits. More than a mouthful those succulent tits are always a fan favorite!

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Posted by Mike on June 22nd, 2016

Only Opaques

Get a good look at these mind blowing pictures of Charlotte from Only Opaques. This brunette teen babe is everything a guy could ever want from a secretary and more…and then some. Charlotte not only has a tight body that turns heads when she so much as walks down the hallway at work but she always wears stockings as well. She always wears silky nylon stockings that cling to her long succulent legs, that climb up to her juicy thighs and hang on for dear life with every step that she takes. If those stockings weren't enough though get a load of those panties as well!

Watch Charlotte in these pictures as she starts off in her cute blue dress sitting on her desk at work. As she crosses her legs she flashes the top of her garter which securely holds those mouth watering stockings up. Soon enough Charlotte dares to separate her legs just enough so that anyone who is looking can catch a peek at her lacy black panties hidden underneath her dress! Panties that will make any guys cock hard especially when paired with those delicious dark stockings!

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Posted by Mike on June 21st, 2016

Get a good look at these naughty pictures of Natalia from Only Opaques! Natalia is a gorgeous brunette babe who just loves to dress in sexy lingerie. It doesn't really matter where she is going, Natalia always has on a matching set of lingerie underneath whatever she is wearing because it makes her feel so sexy! The way the soft material feels against her skin gets her so turned on that she wonders how she gets through the day without teasing herself in the restrooms at work!

Watch Natalia in these pictures as she starts off wearing a red and black lace up bustier with a matching pair of black stockings that look amazing on her long slender legs. Those lace boyshort panties of hers look absolutely amazing on her plump round ass as well! Even Natalia can't take it some days and today was one of those days, she slipped out of her bustier and rubbed her fingers over her perky titties getting her nipples nice and hard. As she kneels on the bed in her sexy silky stockings with her perky teen titties flashing she can't think of anything but slipping her fingers inside her panties!

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Posted by Mike on June 20th, 2016

Take a good look at these newly updated pictures of Ivy that were just uploaded to Only Opaques! Ivy is one naughty teen secretary who just loves to play the part of the sexy secretary, after all there is nothing like a pair of sexy black stockings to make a woman feel like a real woman. Ivy knows that she turns heads wherever she goes and truth be told she rather enjoys the attention! Get a good look at these pictures as Ivy starts off wearing her cute short skirt and her white button up shirt along with those incredibly sexy black stockings and black high heels.

The more she teases the more Ivy just can't help herself from taking it one step further and what starts off as kneeling up on the desk to flash her stocking tops and garter belt soon turns in to flashing a little more! Slipping her skirt down over his round juicy ass Ivy slowly and carefully unbuttons her shirt to release her heaving tits. Before she knows it she is standing with an open shirt and no skirt on, flashing her black lacy bra and panty set and again those luxurious black stockings!

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Posted by Mike on June 19th, 2016

Take a look at these smoking hot pictures of cute teen Darcy. Darcy is a cute blonde teen with the greenest eyes that you've ever seen and this stunner loves to catch the guys eyes whenever she goes out to the club with her girlfriends by wearing cute short skirts and flashing her tight thighs. Darcy was dressing up to go out with one of her friends but when her friend showed up with a camera Darcy thought she'd do a little striptease fun before she left. Darcy isn't usually a show off for the camera but she was pretty excited about going out and before she knew it she was doing a kinkier camera show than she intended!

Watch Darcy in these pictures as she starts off in her bright pink pantyhose and her short miniskirt, her tight black shirt and her knee high black boots. Looking a real picture of perfection things only get better as Darcy unzips her black boots and flips up her skirt to show off her black cotton panties barely covering her ass through her opaque pink tights. Those soft nylon pantyhose cling so tightly to Darcy's sweet thighs that she gets carried away and flashes her perky tits as well!

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Posted by Mike on June 18th, 2016

Rima has been trying to get a job at her local university as a librarian, she’s always been fascinated by books and her ideal job has always been in the library. Rima romanticized the idea of being the sexy librarian and even when she went for her job interview she wore her sexiest suit with black pantyhose and high heels. Rima was certain that such a sexy outfit would guarantee her a job if she was being interviewed by a guy and would show her seriousness if she was being interviewed by a woman so she was set!

Rima was sure that her interview had gone well as she arrived back home but she was still pretty tense from the interview process and as she started to slip out of her skirt and brushed her hands against her soft nylon pantyhose she felt herself getting excited. Dropping her skirt to the floor she reached up and started to unbutton her blouse to show off her huge orange bra. Rima’s huge titties were always a fun plaything for her boyfriends but she couldn’t keep her hands off them herself once she got excited!

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Check out these hot pictures of Uma posing in her work uniform. Uma works at a local law firm as a secretary and each and every day she dresses up in her sexy nylons, short skirt and tight blouse and walks to work. Each morning as she walks to work she gets wolf whistles and each day when she walks in to the office her boss always sits looking at her as she stands in front of his desk reading his daily list of to do’s. If only Uma’s boss could see these pictures he wouldn’t know what to do with himself!

If you think these pictures of Uma in her silky nylon pantyhose are hot then you are going to love all of the hot nylon pictures over at Only Opaques. As the leading website for hot babes in nylons Only Opaques boasts high quality photographs of over 230 models and if that isn’t enough you get to pick through over 100,000 photos and over 400 videos of hot teens in their stockings and pantyhose! The girls at Only Opaques are all exclusive so you won’t run in to them anywhere else on the net!

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Posted by Mike on June 16th, 2016

CC is a gloriously sexy blonde teen babe who has a body that gets all the guys looking but CC doesn't mind because she's always looking for a new date! Watch CC in these pictures as she starts off posing in her short denim skirt, her sexy patterned pantyhose and her deliciously short white cut off t-shirt! As if a babe in pantyhose isn't enough to get a guys motor going, a babe in a short cut off shirt is just about as hot as it gets! Teasing the camera in her pantyhose and high heeled boots CC knows just what she is doing as she slowly parts her legs to flash her panties through her charcoal pantyhose.

Flashing isn't all that CC has in mind though and as she stands up she legs her short denim skirt fall to the floor and bending down she rubs her hands over the soft silky nylon sheathing her legs. As she sits back down rubbing her hands down her legs she just can't help herself from slipping off her short shirt and flashing her perky teen titties for the camera! Rubbing her fingers over her nipples they perk up and she bites her lip in anticipation.

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