Posted by Mike on October 27th, 2016

Steph is a real shy type of girl, a sexy blonde teen who never thinks about being the center of attention, in fact she'd be pretty mortified if she were ever the center of attention. But when she gets in to a room with the cameras over at Only Opaques she really comes to life. As that camera starts clicking Steph starts smiling and lifting that hot evening gown. Steph has even made a few naughty girlfriends over at Only Opaques and they all love to play the kinky teases that Steph has come to become herself!

Take a look at these cute pictures of Steph as she starts off just posing for the camera in her slinky evening gown and her soft black nylon stockings. Lifting that sexy gown up Steph flashes the tops of those sexy stockings as they cling to the tops of her thighs. Her cute cotton panties perfectly shape that delicious ass of hers and it's not long before Steph has unzipped that dress and drops it down to show those perky little titties. Steph is still just a little shy though and keeps those juicy tits covered as she shows off those kinky stockings!

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Posted by Mike on October 26th, 2016

Emma B is a slutty blonde teen with a penchant for stockings and pantyhose but then again all of the babes over at Only Opaques have a penchant for nylons. Whether you're in to stocking or pantyhose or even leggings the girls over at Only Opaques have some in every color to share with you and you're really going to love what else these girls have to share! Just take a look at their mouth watering bodies, their perky titties and their juicy round asses and those long supple legs encased in soft sheer nylon! Yes, Only Opaques is definitely the place for you if you love nylons!

Take a look at these pictures of Emma B as she starts off by showing off in her cute little business suit. From those high heeled boots to that short little skirt and her tight shirt there is nothing about Emma that doesn't scream tease and she knows it just as well as you do! Just watch her as she starts to slowly strip, unbuttoning that shirt and flashing her soft white bra, then spreading her legs to show off her cute little panties underneath her soft nylons. Things get even hotter when she slips out of that bra and shows off her perky titties!

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Posted by Mike on October 25th, 2016

Kelly M is a hot brunette babe and doesn't she just know it! With that long brunette hair full of delicious curls she strikes a pose dressed to the nines as a naughty sailor! With that smoking hot sailors outfit on Kelly shows off her bright blue stockings and flashes a smile as she starts to get kinky! Kelly isn't the only delicious babe in stockings and pantyhose though, take a look around Only Opaques and you'll find a huge array of delicious teen babes in their sexy nylons slowly stripping for your enjoyment! Just see for yourself!

Take a good long look at these pictures of Kelly M as she starts off posing outside in her sexy sailors outfit, a skirt that barely covers her ass and those bright blue stockings that cling to her thighs! As she lays back on the grass she flashes her cute panties, sexy white cotton panties that look so delicious on her ass! Kelly continues to strip off, showing off every inch of her naughty body and before long she is standing there wearing nothing but her sexy blue stockings with her humongous titties out!

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Posted by Mike on October 24th, 2016

From her delicious big round titties to her plump juicy ass Natalie D is the ideal girl of every man's dreams and she never hesitates to make those dreams come true any chance she gets! Natalie's favorite thing to do is to strip for the camera, to tease until she's quite sure that you just can't take any more without blowing your load in your pants right there. Natalie isn't the only teen over at Only Opaques who knows just how to tease so perfectly that you can't take anymore, all of the sexy teen babes over at Only Opaques do it just the way you like it!

Just watch as Natalie D starts off by showing off in her cute nurses outfit. The dress barely buttons up over her huge titties but when she flashes that smile and rips open that dress to flash her tits none of that matters! Her massive tits barely fit in to that bra of hers and those sexy sheer pantyhose cling to her skin for dear life. Hugging her plump thighs and caressing her delicious slit Natalia slowly works her way out of that bra and stands there wearing nothing but those soft sheer pantyhose.

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Posted by Mike on October 23rd, 2016

Tammy is a cute blonde teen, from head to toe she is absolutely delicious but more than anything she looks drop dead gorgeous in soft nylons. From stockings to nylons Tammy looks amazing in just about anything she can slide on to her legs and she is always wearing some type of soft smooth nylon against her skin. All of the girls over at Only Opaques love to show off in their cute stockings and pantyhose. As the net's biggest website dedicated only to nylon wearing teen teases Only Opaques is a definite must see for nylon lovers everywhere!

Take a look at these smoking hot pictures of Tammy as she shows off in her cute tight jersey dress that clings to her amazing body, her flat stomach and her black lace topped stockings. Standing out by the pool she gives a big smile and lifts up her dress to flash those cute  sheer lacy panties. Slipping that dress right over her head Tammy gives a perfect view of her perky titties and grabs her plump ass in her sheer panties. Just one look at those sheer black stockings as she stands there in her high heels is enough to drive any stocking lover absolutely insane!

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Posted by Mike on October 22nd, 2016

Jenni P is a sexy blonde teen who looks absolutely delicious in her cute college uniform. Many of the girls over at Only Opaques look delicious in their college uniforms though, blondes, brunettes and redheads all of these mouth watering babes are hot enough to drive any man wild!  Even if you're not a big fan of college uniforms don't worry because you're going to find just about every sort of uniform and dress and un-dress that you can imagine over at Only Opaques! They all have one thing in common: they all love showing off their sexy pantyhose and stockings!

Take a look at these pictures of Jenni P in her college uniform. In her short pleated skirt, her sheer blue pantyhose, her high heels and her tight blouse Jenni plays the part really well and she plays it even better as she strips slowly for the camera. When Jenni unbuttons her skirt and opens it to flash the top of her sheer pantyhose she smiles as the camera focuses on her white cotton panties through her pantyhose. Even as Jenni slips her hand over the soft material she feels her nipples getting hard and unbuttons her shirt to show them off too!

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Posted by Mike on October 21st, 2016

Elena C has always been a sexy type of teen, the girl that every guy in school wants to go with and when she hit college she was never without a date. Elena always gets extra looks on her way home from classes as well because of that sexy outfit that she wears every day to fit in with the other girls at her private college! The very best part of that college uniform? Well besides the very short and delicious skirt the very best part of that amazing outfit is those sexy knitted pantyhose!

Take a look at Elena C as she starts off just posing for the camera showing off her cute white pantyhose underneath that short pleated skirt of hers. As she lifts her skirt she gives a flash of her cute cotton panties through her thick pantyhose that hug her plump round ass. As she begins to strip out of her college uniform it's not too long before she has slipped out of her blouse and is showing off the biggest juiciest titties you have ever seen. As she sits there wearing nothing but her pantyhose, with her huge tits out she is just enough to drive any man crazy!

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Posted by Mike on October 20th, 2016

Iryana is a cute blond babe with such a delicious tight body that she just has to bat an eye and she gets just what she wants anytime and every time! Iryana just loves to tease, in fact she gets more satisfaction from teasing than she does from just about anything else! Perhaps she maybe gets a little extra satisfaction from wearing her tight sheer pantyhose! The feel of soft nylon against her soft skin always gets her excited and leaves her wanting more! Iryana is just one of the sexy nylon lover over at Only Opaques though, take a look around and you'll find hundreds of sexy babes who can tease like no other in their delicious nylons.

Take a look at Iryana in these hot pictures as she starts by showing off her tight sweater dress and her smooth chocolate pantyhose. As she flips up that dress she shows off her mouth watering panties underneath her sheer nylons and knowing that you want to see just a little more she slides out of that dress and shows her plump chubby titties. from her nylon covered toes to her bare naked tits Iryana is simply delicious.

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Posted by Mike on October 19th, 2016

Cute teen babe Tammy has delicious long blonde hair that can turn heads no matter where she goes but they're usually staring at those long succulent legs instead! It's nearly impossible to tear your eyes away from Tammy's slender long legs because they are so inviting especially when she's showing off in her soft sheer nylons! Tammy isn't the only hot babe ready and willing to show off her nylons though, take a look around Only Opaques and you'll see more hot babes in nylons than you know what to do with!

Take a long look at these smoking hot pictures of Tammy as she shows off in her mouth watering nylons, soft pink sheer material clinging to every inch of her legs. That cute summer dress looks just amazing on her tight toned body but it doesn't stay on long because Tammy knows just what you want to see. Watch as she slips that dress down over her perky titties and flashes her soft cotton panties as it drops to the floor. Tammy doesn't stop there though! She starts slipping those cute panties down as well!

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Posted by Mike on October 18th, 2016

Nadia is a delicious brunette teen who spends most of her time working for a legal firm downtown. Spending day in and day out filing paperwork can leave a girl really wound up though and in desperate need of an outlet so when she ran across Only Opaques she knew that it was just what she was looking for! She couldn't wait to get in on her first shoot, to show off her amazing body for the camera and tease anyone who wanted to watch. She had such a great time showing  off for the camera that she kept on coming back and as it turns out the members over at Only Opaques loved her even more!

Take a look at this set of pictures of Nadia as she shows off in her cute secretary outfit. Her tan pantyhose cling desperately to her thick thighs and her shapely calves and she just can't wait to show off those legs for the camera. Sliding her hands down those pantyhose she flashes a smile and feels her naughtiest places getting just as excited as her fans are when they see her in her sexy pantyhose!

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