Posted by Mike on October 15th, 2023

Only Opaques - Andrea

How was everyone’s weekend? Mine wasn’t too bad, but I’d definitely wouldn’t mind another couple of days before I have to go back to the office. However, if you had a stunning blonde like Andrea working in your office, I’m sure more of you wouldn’t mind Mondays so much.

Today, from Only Opaques we have the sultry blonde, Andrea in a sexy secretary outfit with black pantyhose. She’s wearing a casual, yet very sexy purple button down shirt with a black miniskirt. She has an amazing figure and unbuttons her shirt to show it off. Underneath she’s wearing a black bra that is barely holding in her breasts. She takes off her skirt and shows off her long, luscious legs in the pantyhose. It’s definitely the kind of outfit that will distract you and prevent you from getting any work done but I don’t think you’re going to complain.

If you don’t have an Andrea working in your office, visit Only Opaques to see more of Andrea and more sexy secretaries in pantyhose or stockings. But of course Only Opaques isn’t limited to secretaries you can see babes in college uniforms, naughty dresses, erotic costumes and much more. The only common theme of all the Only Opaques sets is the beautiful babes and their erotic leg wear.

Posted by Mike on October 1st, 2023

Only Opaques - Joceline

Today, at Only Opaques we have the sultry Joceline in a sexy secretary outfit with sheer black stockings. Joceline has a stunning body that looks marvelous in the secretary clothes, but simply breath taking when she starts to take them off. Joceline has long and very sexy legs. I think you’ll agree they look amazing in those stockings.

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I apologize for the late post tonight. Just one of those crazy pre-holiday days. Fortunately, I didn’t have to do any shopping today but I had what seemed like dozens of things to do anyway. I’m glad it’s over and I’m looking forward to going out with some friends tonight.

Posted by Mike on September 19th, 2023

Only Opaques - Keira

Today, at Only Opaques there is a sultry brunette named Keira in a smart secretary outfit and black stockings. I really love her total look with this outfit, she could definitely pass as a real secretary. I love the glasses. As an office worker that wears glasses, I’d love to see more of my fellow women looking sexy in glasses. A breathtaking secretary, but none the less a very sexy secretary. Keira teases out of her jacket, shirt and skirt to reveal her stunning red satin lingerie. Eventually, she takes off her bra and shows off her perky, all natural knockers. It’s really a delicious look – her just in her stockings and panties, showing off her curvy body!

Visit Only Opaques to see all of Keira’s sexy photos. Keira is today’s featured model at Only Opaques. Every day Only Opaques adds new picturew or videos of a new model in sexy stocking or pantyhose outfit.

Time for me to get back to my other work. But I hope everyone’s Mondays are going smoothly! For once, mine is!

Posted by Mike on March 7th, 2023

Emma Harper is a cute brunette babe who always looks delicious in her sheer pantyhose or stockings especially when they’re paired with her cute secretary outfit. Add those glasses in to the mix and Emma is the picture of perfection! Emma isn’t the only sexy teen babe who is ready to show off her [[soft|sexy]] pantyhose for the camera though, just take a look over at Only Opaques and you’ll find plenty of cute teen babes who just can’t wait to slip out of their clothes and show off for you wearing nothing but their soft supple nylons!

Take a look at these pictures of Emma Harper as she starts off by showing off in her cute tight blue sweater and her short tight skirt that hugs her juicy thighs. As she slips up on to her desk Emma spreads her legs just a little and shows off the crotch of her pantyhose, her soft white panties only just showing through those soft pantyhose. Soon Emma slips her shirt up over her head and flashes her cute little [[tits|titties]] and then her skirt slips down to the floor as she struts her stuff in her sexy black pantyhose!

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Posted by Mike on January 30th, 2023

Elena C is certainly not the type of teen you’d expect to find sitting in the office of a library but perhaps you’d rethink that idea if you saw her in her cute wire rimmed glasses. Perhaps you’d even beg her to play the part of the naughty librarian with her glasses on the end of her nose and her blouse unbuttoned just enough to flash that juicy cleavage. The point is that Elena C is the sort of girl that works in the office of a library and she is well aware of the effect that her plump [[titties|tits]] and her wire rimmed glasses have on every man that walks through the door.

Take a look at these pictures of Elena C  as she sits in her office with her soft patterned nylon pantyhose clinging to those [[succulent|delicious]] legs of hers. As she poses in that button up blouse and that pencil skirt one can only begin to imagine those plump smooth thighs of hers as she begins to slide that skirt up further, inch by inch until she is flashing the crotch of her pantyhose as it clings to her white cotton panties!

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Posted by Mike on January 21st, 2023

Jocelyn is a cute blonde babe who spends most of her time working in the office downtown as a legal aid but deep down she’s a kinky minx and she just loves being captured on camera! All of the girls over at Only Opaques love being captured on camera though, and even better than that they all love to show off in their [[soft|smooth]] sheer pantyhose! If you’re a true pantyhose lover then you’re going to love the teens over at Only Opaques because they’re never afraid to show off those long supple legs!

Take a look at these delicious pictures of Jocelyn as she starts off posing in her office uniform, her short pleated skirt and those mouth watering chocolate colored stockings. As she steps one leg up on the bed in her sexy knee high boots she shows off her smooth shapely calves in her sheer nylon stockings. As she sits on the bed she spreads her legs just a little but enough to show off those [[cute|soft]] panties that barely cover her secrets! Jocelyn just can’t help but strip off slowly for the camera and she slips that skirt down to the floor and her tight top comes off to show off those perky titties as well!

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Posted by Mike on November 2nd, 2022

Is there anything hotter than a [[cute|kinky]] blonde secretary except maybe when she resembles a naughty librarian with her glasses at the end of her nose and her hair tied up in a bun and that is just what Andrea looks like in this smoking hot set of pictures! Andrea is one delicious teen and talk about liberated, this babe believes in making everyone’s fantasies come true, you should see the variety of costumes and uniforms she dresses up in over at Only Opaques! She just can’t get enough knowing that she’s making your fantasies true!

Watch Andrea in this hot set of photos as she starts off sitting at the kitchen table in her secretary uniform, he leg propped up on the table with her delicious black pantyhose showing as it clings to her shapely leg. Carefully but without hesitation Andrea slips her skirt down to the floor and unbuttons her top letting her juicy tits free. Jumping up on the table Andrea spreads her [[pantyhose|nylon]] covered legs and flashes her naughty smile as she runs her hands over the soft black nylon. Then Andrea unhooks her bra to let her juicy tits free and she looks so amazing in just those pantyhose!

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Posted by Mike on October 9th, 2022

Make sure you don’t miss out on this newest set of pictures just released over at Only Opaques. Sexy blonde teen bombshell Abbi Taylor is one of those really kinky girls and there isn’t anything she won’t do for a little fun. That includes dressing up like a really [[naughty|sexy]] nurse and then stripping off in a little striptease just for the camera! Abbi really gets a kick out of being so naughty and she knows that all of her fans do as well so she makes sure to keep a nice big box full of sexy dress up clothes, especially stockings and pantyhose!

Watch Abbi Taylor in this huge set of pictures as she starts off dressed like the kinky nurse that every guy wishes he had in the hospital!  Wearing her bright red nylon stockings and her short nurses dress Abbi really looks the part with her glasses on! It doesn’t take much to get Abbi turned on though and as she lays on the bed [[sliding|smoothing]] her hands over her soft nylon pantyhose she bites her ruby red lips. Slowly Abbi unbuttons her dress to reveal her plump cleavage with a smile.

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Posted by Mike on August 10th, 2022

Take a peek at these incredibly hot pictures of Joceline! A sexy tiny tittied teen babe, Joceline has a real thing for nylons and I for one am glad she does! Watch Joceline as she stands there in her glasses and her short [[miniskirt|skirt]] with thigh high black stockings with a garter belt that will blow your mind! If Joceline showed up at my office wearing those opaque stockings and her sexy brown boots I wouldn’t be able to get anything done! Imagine her walking in to the room and bending down to pick a file out of the filing cabinet!

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Posted by Mike on January 3rd, 2022


Bryoni-Kate is a very popular secretary in her office and you can see why as she slips out of her long pink skirt and sheer top. Bryoni-Kate has one of the sexiest petite bodies you will ever lay eyes on! Her glasses and tone legs are orgasmic as she slowly strips out of her outfit. The most amazing part of the set is when she leans over the desk to show off her cute and very tight ass!

Click here to see lots more of Bryoni-Kate at Only Opaques. Only Opaques is dedicated to photographing and filming the sexiest women in their pantyhose and stockings. All of the photos and videos are one hundred percent exclusive to Only Opaques. You’ll never find another site exactly like it that can satisfy you nylon fetish the same way!

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