Posted by Mike on January 30th, 2023

Elena C is certainly not the type of teen you’d expect to find sitting in the office of a library but perhaps you’d rethink that idea if you saw her in her cute wire rimmed glasses. Perhaps you’d even beg her to play the part of the naughty librarian with her glasses on the end of her nose and her blouse unbuttoned just enough to flash that juicy cleavage. The point is that Elena C is the sort of girl that works in the office of a library and she is well aware of the effect that her plump [[titties|tits]] and her wire rimmed glasses have on every man that walks through the door.

Take a look at these pictures of Elena C  as she sits in her office with her soft patterned nylon pantyhose clinging to those [[succulent|delicious]] legs of hers. As she poses in that button up blouse and that pencil skirt one can only begin to imagine those plump smooth thighs of hers as she begins to slide that skirt up further, inch by inch until she is flashing the crotch of her pantyhose as it clings to her white cotton panties!

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