Posted by Mike on August 13th, 2022

Get a good look at this sexy teen stunner in these pics! Anastasia is a gorgeous brunette teen who works for a pretty big law firm downtown, she’d always hoped to be an attorney herself but for now she needed to save up cash to go back to school so she worked answering phones and filing papers instead. Every day when Anastasia goes to work she wears cute [[business|little]] suits and dresses but she always makes sure to wear really cute bra and panty sets and she never ever goes without her sexy stockings either. Anastasia just can’t get enough of the soft nylon rubbing against her legs all day as she walks around the office.

Anastasia’s favorite thing to do at work, however, is wait until her boss leaves for [[lunch|meetings]] and then go in to his office and close the blinds. While she’s in there she fantasizes about him walking in on her as she slips out of her suit and lays across his desk wearing just her lacy bra and panty set and her stockings. She knows that if he walks in and finds her one of these days that he’ll want to do all the things she fantasizes about him doing to her!

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