Posted by Mike on September 22nd, 2022

It’s obvious to see why Brooke W is so popular over at Only Opaques, with her plump round titties everyone gets excited to see Brooke’s pictures go up on the website over at Only Opaques. Not only does Brooke have a fabulous figure though she also has a spectacular collection of tights and [[pantyhose|tights]]! Just take a look at this set of pictures of Brooke W as she poses for the camera in her footless black pantyhose and her very 1980’s waitress outfit! She just can’t keep those clothes on though, see for yourself as she strips off for the camera!

Brooke starts off wearing her black footless pantyhose with a short grey skirt and a tight white shirt with a red tie. Like any work outfit it doesn’t look that comfortable and Brooke can’t think so either because before you know it she’s stripping off. First she takes off her vest but then she slowly unbuttons her white [[shirt|blouse]] to reveal her plump titties in her sexy red bra. As she completely unbuttons her shirt and takes off her bra she lets her titties fall free and slips out of her skirt as well. Standing there in just her black footless pantyhose with her juicy tits out she is a picture of perfection!

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