Posted by Mike on April 4th, 2024

Only Opaques - Carole

From Only Opaques today we get to enjoy Carole. In this video, Carole is wearing a pair of bright pink stockings underneath her evening dress. She looks simply amazing and it’s get even more tantalizing as she slips out of her dress and gives us a better look at her amazing body. Underneath her dress, Carole is wearing a pair of pink panties to go along with her stockings.

There is an option to download or steam this video at Only Opaques. It’s not hard to see why Carole was voted the model of the year after watching this video. She has an amazing body, great legs and a sexy personality.

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Posted by Mike on May 9th, 2022


I think you’re going to [[like|love]] today’s video at Only Opaques. It features a [[sultry|sexy]] brunette named Fifi. She’s wearing an eye catching pink [[minidress|dress]] that really shows off her figure. But the best part of this outfit is her stocking covered legs. She’s wearing a pair of grey stockings with pink suspenders and a matching garter. She teases out of the dress, shows off her stockings and a whole lot more.

There’s only one place where you can watch or download Fifi’s video and that’s inside of Only Opaques. Stop by today, check it out or browse through the other 371 videos at Only Opaques. That’s a whole lot of videos featuring babes in pantyhose, stockings and tights. I challenge you to find another [[nylon|babe]] site with that many [[sexy|erotic]] videos.

Download the video here.

Posted by Mike on April 25th, 2022

Jenna J

Check out these [[photos|pictures]] of an Only Opaques model named Jenna J showing off her Halloween costume. This year, she decided to dress up as a very sexy devil. I really love this skin tight red latex [[outfit|costume]] and the way it hugs her curves. She has an amazing figure, which she shows off as she unzips the catsuit. But the best part of this whole [[outfit|costume]] is her red stockings and suspenders that she’s wearing underneath this incredible outfit.

Year round you can enjoy sexy babes in erotic leg wear at Only Opaques. There you can see more of Jenna J and almost [[two hundred|200]] other sexy babes showing off their favorite leg wear. They’re wearing everything from pantyhose to stockings to even tights. If you like babes in sexy leg wear, this is definitely the site for you. The focus of every photo shoot and video is the beautiful babe and her [[sexy|erotic]] nylons.

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Posted by Mike on April 16th, 2022

Only Opaques - Bebe

This black haired beauty named Bebe always looks [[amazing|incredible]], but she looks even better than normal in this [[erotic|sexy]] Snow White costume. Everything about this outfit is great, but I can’t miss the way her long legs look in those white [[thigh high stockings|stockings]]. I love the way they look underneath her very short skirt. Of course her pink thong sneaking out, is just an added bonus to this very naughty costume.

Come see more of Bebe at Only Opaques. This is my favorite set from Bebe, but it’s definitely worth checking out all of her videos and photos there. She has great legs and looks amazing in just about any kind of nylons she puts on. If that’s not enough for you, there’s close to [[200|two hundred]] other lades waiting for you at Only Opaques today.

Posted by Mike on February 17th, 2022

Only Opaques - Michaela In Polka Dot Pantyhose

Michaela is looking smoking hot in today’s update at OnlyOpaques. She starts the set wearing all black including a very short and sexy leather miniskirt. The best part is when she lays down to strip and puts her polka dot stocking covered legs up in the air showing off her tiny little thong!

If you want to see the entire set of Michaela posing in her thong and stockings, as well as getting topless in her camera tease, you have to check out OnlyOpaqes! There you will find exclusive content of Michaela being a very erotic and naughty girl. There is also hundreds of other models posing in legwear and panties!

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Posted by Mike on November 21st, 2021

Only Opaques - Carole

In today’s Only Opaques video, Carole is dressed as a naughty red robin hood outfit, complete with sexy white stockings. In this costume she looks simply amazing. It’s not hard to see why she’s one of the most popular Only Opaques models with her luscious legs and stunning figure. In this video, she slips out of her dress and poses in just her red panties and stockings.

There’s only one place to see the video. Click here to visit Only Opaques. There you can watch the video or download it to your computer and watch it anytime you want. There’s nearly 300 videos for you to enjoy at Only Opaques and they’re adding more all of the time. They all feature sexy babes like Carole in pantyhose, stockings or tights.

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Posted by Mike on November 12th, 2021

Only Opaques

I am such a sucker for hot lingerie. Every girl I meet, I find myself wondering what they have on underneath their clothes. Especially if they are the buttoned-up business types. Today I had to do an interview with a young girl hoping to have her first internship with our company. She showed up in this little business suit with white stockings underneath and when she sat down, I could see they were being help up with a garter. Forget the interview, I needed to see what else she had under that suit!

Check out this Only Opaques photos of the sexy lingerie that was hiding under the suit. I managed to talk her out of that suit and man, her lingerie was unbelievably hot. Her push-up bra was blueish-purple with lace and polka dots and she had on the matching garter and panties. The hold-up stockings made her legs look silky smooth and luscious. Plus the lingerie made her body look amazing! Want to see more hot girls in sexy lingerie and stockings? Only Opaques has the hottest collection of sexy ladies showing off their pantyhose, stockings and tights. There are thousands of pictures and hours of videos to satisfy any fetish. Stop by today.

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Posted by Mike on November 5th, 2021

Only Opaques - Naomi

I’d like to introduce you to a sexy blonde nurse Naomi. Today, at Only Opaques you can see Naomi wearing a sexy nurse’s uniform with bright red stockings. She’s guaranteed to get any heart beating faster as she tease out of her mini dress and reveals her white and red bra, and the matching panties. By the end of this photo shoot, she was wearing just her stockings and panties.

Ready for more of Naomi? Click here to visit Only Opaques. There you can enjoy more of Naomi and more sexy babes in erotic leg wear. They’re wearing pantyhose and stockings of every style and color that you can imagine. Every day, Only Opaques adds a new photo set or video for you to enjoy, so you’ll never be bored.

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Posted by Mike on September 7th, 2021

Only Opaques - Toyah

We have a new face at Only Opaques today. Meet the lovely Toyah. This sexy blonde is guaranteed to turn some heads at the office with her bright red stockings. She’s wearing a smart looking secretary outfit – a black suit jacket with matching miniskirt and a sexy red top. Underneath it all, she’s wearing a black bra and sexy lace panties. It’s definitely the kind of outfit that will ensure that she gets a pay raise this year no matter what her typing and clerical skills are like.

You can see more of Toyah inside Only Opaques. This is Toyah’s first time appearing at Only Opaques, but she has two more photo sets and a video to be released soon. Soon you can see Toyah in stockings and pantyhose, dressed in a sexy college uniform, a sensual minidress and a very erotic miniskirt outfits. Stop by today and meet all of the Only Opaques models and check out all of their photos and videos.

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Posted by Mike on July 28th, 2021

Only Opaques - Melanie Walsk

Check out these very sexy pictures of Melanie Walsh decorating her Christmas tree while wearing only red satin lingerie and white stockings. Yes, folks it’s that time of year again. I’m sure that there will be more than a few people with Melanie on their Christmas list this year. Too bad it’s not possible to find Melanie waiting for you under the tree on Christmas morning. It would be a lot of fun to unwrap her out of her lingerie, of course you’d have to leave the stockings on her.

Year round, you can see more of Melanie Walsh at Only Opaques. This stunning babe has a great pair of legs and looks great in stockings or pantyhose. But maybe Melanie isn’t right for you this year, check out the other 140+ beautiful babes waiting for you at Only Opaques. I’m sure one or two would definitely make your Christmas even more interesting.

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