Posted by Mike on August 16th, 2022

Take a look at these hot pictures of Devon! This naughty blonde teen babe is always looking for ways to slack off from doing her homework and as a result she’s not the best pupil in her class but somehow she always manages to eek by – perhaps this has something to do with how amazing she looks in her [[cute|sexy]] black tights! Well last week Devon was supposed to be working on her final paper for her Physics class and since she hasn’t been doing very well in the class at all it was so important that she do well on the paper but the longer she sat there the less she wanted to work.

Devon decided that instead of a paper she was going to take some naughty pictures to show her professor instead! Sitting by her desk in her black pantyhose, white shirt and shorts she gets her roommate to start running the camera duty. Devon flashed her big smile for the [[cam|camera]] and then starts to slowly strip. First she slips out of her shorts to show off her cute cotton panties underneath her black opaque pantyhose. Devon starts to get a bit carried away as she sits on her desk and spreads her legs to flash her cotton covered slit!

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