Posted by Mike on October 10th, 2022

Is there any wonder why Elena C is one of the most popular girls over at Only Opaques? If there was then one look at this huge set of pictures that just went up over at Only Opaques will answer definitively. Elena is a sweet girl with a couple of assets that are so huge they don’t even begin to measure up to other girls in her college classes. Take a look at this set of pictures as Elena shows off her [[sexy|cute]] college uniform with her white patterned pantyhose!

Elena C starts off showing off her short pleated skirt with her thick white pantyhose and her extremely tight white shirt. With such a tight shirt it’s amazing that the buttons don’t just pop right off but they don’t, Elena doesn’t give them much time to though because she just can’t wait to unbutton it and let her massive titties out! Unhooking her skirt she lets it drop down to the floor and shows off her panty outline underneath her thick crocheted pantyhose.  Reaching up she slowly unhooks her bra and lets her jumbo [[tits|titties]] drop out of her bra and licks her lips. Taking her long pigtails she pulls them down over her plump pink nipples.

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