Posted by Mike on August 23rd, 2022

Take a look at these naughty pictures of Fifi! Fifi is a gorgeous brunette babe who just can’t keep her hands to herself, or off herself for that matter! Fifi and her new roommate Greg had only been living together for three weeks when Fifi started her little charm tricks to get him in to bed. Greg had a girlfriend at the time but Fifi just couldn’t take the torture of living with a [[guy|man]] and not having access to him 24-7 so one afternoon while Greg was sitting at his desk doing his homework Fifi walked in to his room still dressed from work and sat on his desk. Greg smiled but flashed her a look of desperation to let her know that he just couldn’t cheat. Fifi pushed his chair across the room.

As Greg sat in his chair he watched Fifi as she sat on his desk spreading her legs so he could see underneath her skirt to her panties. Fifi saw him looking at her and laying on the desk she lifted her skirt completely so he got a really good look at her [[plump|tight]] ass under her sexy white nylon pantyhose. Fifi could see Greg’s cock getting harder as he tried not to look at her.

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