Posted by Mike on December 13th, 2022

Jenny P is a cute blonde teen, the kind you would break your back to get working in your office because she always comes to work dressed up in the [[naughtiest|sexiest]] secretary outfits. Most of all though Jenny always comes to work wearing a delicious pair of pantyhose or stockings that really set off her cute outfit. Whenever Jenny walks in the door at work she has men falling all over her to take her jacket or pull out her chair in hopes that they catch a glimpse of her thighs in her sheer black stockings the minute she sits down on her office chair.

Take a look at these pictures of Jenny as she starts off by showing off her cute black top and sexy short skirt with those sheer black stockings that add that little extra something. Jenny sits on her desk and stretches out those long legs, the soft black nylon shining. As she picks up her organizer her skirt comes up further and the very tops of her stockings [[hug|cling]] to her thighs and they look so incredibly juicy no man could resist just running his hand up those soft nylon covered legs. Slipping his hand over her shapely knees and up her thick thigh to her soft nylon covered panties.

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