Posted by Mike on May 4th, 2023

Michelle X and Sophia Smith have been [[best friends|friends]] for a while now and when they first met up over at Only Opaques it was obvious that soon the two of them were going to be inseparable! It’s no wonder though, who could resist being friends with a babe who is so completely delicious! These two aren’t the only two [[friends|girlfriends]] over at Only Opaques though, take a look around and you will notice hundreds of sexy teen babes who all love showing off in their sexy [[stockings|nylons|pantyhose]] together!
Take a look at this newest set of [[photos|pictures]] from Michelle X and Sophia Smith as they tease each other for the camera! They start off just having a relaxing night in together but it’s not long before the two of them are stripping each other off and teasing each other! These girls love to make sure that the other is so turned on that she can barely take it any more! Just watch as they [[strip|peel]] off each others clothes piece by piece until they are both standing before the camera wearing nothing but their [[cute|sexy]] black stockings and their delicious cotton panties!

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