Posted by Mike on August 12th, 2022

Take a look at these pictures hot off the press today! Kara is all dressed up with no where to go! Kara was looking through a dress up box she keeps full of her old halloween costumes and just for fun clothes when she dug out this sexy policewoman costume! There is no guy in this universe that wouldn’t beg to get arrested by blonde [[teen|babe]] Kara in her tiny tight policewoman costume! Kara is always dressing up to show off that tight body and those plump tits of hers but she doesn’t always have this much fun but those handcuffs really topped things off for her today and she just can’t seem to help herself!

Dressed in a sexy pair of black heels with a tremendous pair of black stockings to match Kara looks like a real tasty treat but paired with that tiny miniskirt and her black “barely holds them in” [[bra|top]] and topped with her policewoman’s hat she is absolutely delicious! Kara knows that if she even tries to step foot outside of her apartment dressed in her uniform that she’ll get mobbed by horny guys but she’s toying with the idea anyway because she’s pretty sure that she’d have a lot of fun with a few guys handcuffed and locked in her bedroom!

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