Posted by Mike on September 8th, 2022

Rima has been trying to get a job at her local university as a librarian, she’s always been fascinated by books and her ideal job has always been in the library. Rima romanticized the idea of being the sexy librarian and even when she went for her job interview she wore her [[sexiest|cutest]] suit with black pantyhose and high heels. Rima was certain that such a sexy outfit would guarantee her a job if she was being interviewed by a guy and would show her seriousness if she was being interviewed by a woman so she was set!

Rima was sure that her interview had gone well as she arrived back home but she was still pretty tense from the interview process and as she started to slip out of her skirt and brushed her hands against her soft nylon pantyhose she felt herself getting excited. Dropping her skirt to the floor she reached up and started to unbutton her blouse to show off her huge orange bra. Rima’s huge [[tits|titties]] were always a fun plaything for her boyfriends but she couldn’t keep her hands off them herself once she got excited!

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