Posted by Mike on October 16th, 2022

Take a good long look at these pictures of sexy nurse Tindra that just went up on Only Opaques today, there is nothing hotter than a [[naughty|sexy]] nurse outfit except maybe Tindra in a sexy nurse outfit! This cute blonde teen works as a nurse when she’s not modeling but her uniform is never unbuttoned at the neck and she wouldn’t dare to wear her sheer silky stockings to work either for fear of giving some of the older guys heart attacks! What a way to go though right? Headed out of this world with a gorgeous nurse bending over you in stockings – there are definitely worse ways to go!

Watch Tindra in this set of pictures as she starts off just posing for a few [[photos|pics]] but then she starts with the flirting. At first she just pulls aside her collar to show her plump tits but then she lifts her skirt to show off her thighs, her delicious panties and the tops of those sheer nylon stockings. Kneeling down on the sofa Tindra lifts her skirt even higher to give a good look at her delicious round ass and those stockings again!

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