Posted by Mike on December 10th, 2022

Anastasia is a sexy brunette cheerleader but she’s not like all of the other girls on the cheerleading team! Those girls always love showing off their panties underneath their cheerleading skirts but Anastasia wears a pair of [[nylons|pantyhose]] every time she cheers! It’s not that she doesn’t like showing off her panties because she always wears bright white panties under her pantyhose but she just loves the feeling of the soft nylon against her skin! Like many of the girls over at Only Opaques though Anastasia just can’t get enough of nylons and has a massive collection of her own!

Just take a look at these pictures of Anastasia as she shows off in her bedroom while wearing her sexy cheerleading uniform. Leaning over the bed Anastasia lifts her skirt and shows her delicious white panties underneath her dress and after just a little teasing she starts to slip out of her dress to give a much better look at her maroon [[nylons|pantyhose]]. Once that uniform comes off and Anastasia is left with her perky titties out wearing nothing but her pantyhose with her bright white panties showing through the soft pale nylon that clings to her thighs.

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