Posted by Mike on June 6th, 2023

Jenkins might have a strange name but there is certainly nothing strange about the [[deliciousness|perfection]] of her curves! Jenkins has a special place in her heart for nylons though and if you do too then you are really going to love [[looking at|checking out]] the rest of the girls out over at Only Opaques! As the web’s [[largest|biggest]] website dedicated to teen [[hotties|babes]] in nylons Only Opaques brings you hundreds of the hottest teens dressed up to the nines in sheer stockings and [[naughty|sexy]] pantyhose and none of them have any trouble with stripping off and teasing just for you!

Take a look at these [[photos|pictures]] of Jenkins as she starts off showing off in her tight cheerleaders outfit and those matching dark blue pantyhose. Those sheer pantyhose are barely sheer but a close look will show off her [[cute|sexy]] cotton panties underneath those nylons! Just one [[look|peek]] at those panties is enough to drive a guy wild but things get even better when she slips out of that outfit and flashes a peek at her perky [[tits|titties]] as well!

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Posted by Mike on May 14th, 2023

Catherine is a delicious teen cheerleader in this newest set of [[photos|pictures]] that she dropped off early this morning! These pictures haven’t been up at Only Opaques for long today and they have already gained a ton of fans, but then who can blame any nylon lover for loving this set of pictures because they are absolutely [[sexy|amazing]]! Catherine isn’t the only teen in nylons at Only Opaques though, take a look around and you’ll set eyes on hundreds of kinky teens who love nylons of all [[types|kinds]]: pantyhose, stockings, leggings and more. If it’s made of nylon, you name it and you’ll find it at Only Opaques!

Take a good look at these [[photos|pictures]] of Catherine as she starts off showing off in those [[sexy|delicious]] white pantyhose and her naughty cheer leading outfit! That tight top of hers hugs her perfect tits but she doesn’t wait long before she [[strips|slips]] out of that shirt and flashes a peek at her cute bra as she stands there in just her bra and skirt. As Catherine starts to slip down that skirt she [[flashes|shows]] the tops of her pantyhose and then she turns around to show off those panties!

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Posted by Mike on April 5th, 2023

Tiger Lilly is a naughty blonde teen hottie who loves to play the innocent cheerleading teen who accidentally flashes all of the boys. She just can’t help herself and any chance she gets she lifts up that skirt to flash her [[sexy|cute]] pantyhose! All of the girls over at Only Opaques are like that though, they just can’t wait to show off their soft and [[sheer|silky]] nylons! The way those sheer pantyhose and stockings make those [[teens|girls]] transform in to sexy babes who just can’t wait to tease you until you just can’t take it anymore. You definitely don’t want to miss these hotties because they certainly don’t want to miss out on the chance to tease you!

Take a look at these pictures of Tiger Lilly as she starts off by showing off in her [[kinky|cute]] cheerleaders uniform. That short skirt barely covers her [[plump|juicy]] round ass and those sexy navy pantyhose just cling to her thick and [[thick|juicy]] thighs. As she lifts up that skirt she flashes a peek of her [[underwear|panties]] underneath those sheer navy pantyhose but it doesn’t take long before she just can’t wait to show off more of her sexy body and slips out of her pantyhose too!

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Posted by Mike on March 31st, 2023

Danni K is one smoking hot blonde teen who just can’t help but show off that delicious tight toned body of hers and man she looks absolutely delicious dressed up as a naughty cheerleader in her sexy red pantyhose! If red pantyhose are a little too bright for you though don’t [[panic|worry]] because over at Only Opaques you can find sexy teen babes in every color pantyhose and stockings under the sun, from red to black to bright [[orange|blue]], you’ll never have trouble finding a pair of nylons to suit your tastes. You’ll never have trouble finding a delicious teen to show off in those nylons either!

Take a look at these [[photos|pictures]] of Danni K as she starts off by showing off in her naughty cheerleaders outfit! That short skirt barely covers her ass and shows off nearly all of those [[soft|smooth]] red pantyhose that cling to every inch of her soft supple skin. Even as she slips out of that skirt and flashes a better look at those [[nylons|pantyhose]] Danni can’t keep her hands off the soft smooth [[nylon|fabric]]. She doesn’t just stop there though because Danni slips out of her [[top|shirt]] as well to make sure that you get to see all of her tasty treats as she stands before the camera in nothing but her pantyhose!

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Posted by Mike on February 17th, 2023

Amy P is everything a guy could wish for, from her delicious red hair to her soft sheer pantyhose she knows just what you want to see and she is always willing to give it to you! Amy loves nothing more than teasing for the camera, but then again all of the girls over at Only Opaques just love to tease for the camera in their soft nylons! As the nets biggest website dedicated to teasing teens in their [[shiny|sheer]] stockings and pantyhose, Only Opaques will always have thousands of pictures of the hottest babes showing off in their cute lingerie just for you!

Take a look at these pictures of Amy P as she starts off showing off in her cute cheerleading uniform! As she sits down on the sofa she slips that [[short|cute]] skirt up and flashes her white cotton panties underneath her white pantyhose. Rubbing her fingers over that soft nylon just gets her more excited and standing up she slides out of that skirt all together. It doesn’t take long before Amy is slipping out of her top as well and flashing those juicy big tits of hers!

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Posted by Mike on December 10th, 2022

Anastasia is a sexy brunette cheerleader but she’s not like all of the other girls on the cheerleading team! Those girls always love showing off their panties underneath their cheerleading skirts but Anastasia wears a pair of [[nylons|pantyhose]] every time she cheers! It’s not that she doesn’t like showing off her panties because she always wears bright white panties under her pantyhose but she just loves the feeling of the soft nylon against her skin! Like many of the girls over at Only Opaques though Anastasia just can’t get enough of nylons and has a massive collection of her own!

Just take a look at these pictures of Anastasia as she shows off in her bedroom while wearing her sexy cheerleading uniform. Leaning over the bed Anastasia lifts her skirt and shows her delicious white panties underneath her dress and after just a little teasing she starts to slip out of her dress to give a much better look at her maroon [[nylons|pantyhose]]. Once that uniform comes off and Anastasia is left with her perky titties out wearing nothing but her pantyhose with her bright white panties showing through the soft pale nylon that clings to her thighs.

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Posted by Mike on May 5th, 2022


This very [[sexy|naughty]] cheerleader in burgundy pantyhose is Anastasia. You have to check out these Only Opaques photos of her posing in her [[erotic|sensual]] uniform and pantyhose. My school had a lot of sexy cheerleaders, but none that could even compare to her. Plus, they were never wearing any [[pantyhose|tights]]. We get to watch as she slowly strips out of her uniform, keeping on her pantyhose and cotton panties on.

Want to see more of Anastasia and her [[sexy|luscious]] legs? Click here to visit Only Opaques. There you can see all of the photos in this set and literally thousands of other photo sets that feature [[babes|models]] in sexy pantyhose, stockings or tights. And if you like videos, they have more than [[three hundred|300]] that you can watch on the site or download to your computer.

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Today at OnlyOpaques, the always beautiful brunette Anastasia is posing for us in a very sexy cheerleader outfit. Her top and skirt are both maroon and white and she also has on some very tight maroon pantyhose and white shoes. In the set, she loves to tease the camera and pull her outfit up for some great upskirt shots!

Want to see more of Anastasia? Click here to visit OnlyOpaques. Inside the member’s area you can see all of the sexy photos of Anastasia and all of the OnlyOpaques models. Plus, there’s hundreds of great videos to enjoy too. All of the scenes feature beautiful women in sexy nylons. The focus is always on their leg wear so if you have a nylon fetish, you will love this site.

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