Posted by Mike on January 6th, 2024

Only Opaques - Tindra

Wow, is the only way that I can describe the way Tindra looks in this sexy outfit. She looks absolutely stunning in her clubbing outfit and grey pantyhose. I have no doubt that she would get a lot of attention at any dance club she went to wearing this sensual outfit.

Along with her grey pantyhose, Tindra is wearing a black leather miniskirt, sexy grey top and long, almost knee-length boots. It’s definitely the kind of outfit that demands attention. However, I don’t think anyone will complain when she starts taking off the outfit. By the end of this Only Opaques photo shoot, Tindra is only wearing her panties and pantyhose, showing off her above average boobs.

You can see the entire set of this busty blonde bombshell inside Only Opaques today. It’s Tindra’s third time being featured at Only Opaques with one other video set and a naughty video in her portfolio. I hope it won’t be the last time we’re seeing her.

Posted by Mike on June 18th, 2023

Emma Watts certainly knows how to dress up for a night on the town and in this most recent set of [[photos|pictures]] that she dropped off at Only Opaques she looks absolutely mouth watering! Just check out those almost violet nylon pantyhose that run up and down those long [[delicious|succulent]] legs of hers! She can’t keep her hands off them as she struts her stuff in that tight blue dressĀ  and those sweet black high heels! Things just keep getting better though as she starts to strip off and makes sure that you get a good first hand view of those [[sheer|soft]] nylon pantyhose as she slips out of that tight sexy dress!

Not impressed with Emma Watt’s violet pantyhose? Prefer something a little more traditional like [[gorgeous|sexy]] black stockings, maybe even with a seam running down the back? Well don’t you worry because Only Opaques has the biggest collection of [[cute|sexy]] teens this side of the internet and if you head on over to the members only area you will be able to [[set|feast]] your eyes on some of the most [[amazing|delicious]] teens sheathed in nylon that you have ever seen in your life! Go ahead and see for yourself!

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Posted by Mike on May 28th, 2023

Chloe S is a raven haired cutie who always makes new friends when she drops by Only Opaques with a new set of [[photos|pictures]]! This set was certainly a big hit among bright pantyhose lovers. Chloe isn’t the only sexy teen who looks good in pantyhose though, take a look around at Only Opaques and you’ll find hundreds of [[naughty|sexy]] teen babes who are just waiting to show off their newest pair of pantyhose or stockings just for you! You’re sure to be in nylon heaven when you find your favorite [[teen|babe]] wearing your favorite colored nylons!

Take a look at these [[photos|pictures]] of Chloe S as she starts off showing off in her short leather skirt and her silky top! More to the point, Chloe looks absolutely delicious in those [[hot|bright]] pink pantyhose! As she crawls up on to the sofa and spreads her legs she also lifts up her skirt to give you a good look at those [[cute|sexy]] white panties underneath her sheer pantyhose! Chloe doesn’t stop teasing there though and soon enough she is flashing her perky [[tits|titties]] as she shows off in just those sheer pantyhose instead!

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Posted by Mike on April 6th, 2023

Georgina D dropped in to Only Opaques today with her latest video shoot and let me tell you she looks absolutely amazing! To watch her [[teasing|stripping]] in her pantyhose is like nothing you have ever seen before. Don’t worry though because if you drop by today you won’t just get to see Georgina but you’ll also get to see all of her [[naughty|sexy]] girlfriends as well and they all look just as delicious in a sheer pair of pantyhose or stockings! Some of these girls even wear [[sexy|nylon]] leggings and they look absolutely mind blowing! Don’t believe me? Well drop by today and check out the free tour for yourself!

Take a look at these clips of Georgina D as she starts off by showing off in her [[soft|sheer]] black pantyhose and her [[short|tight]] black skirt and skimpy satin top. It might not get any better than this at some places but over at Only Opaques this is just the beginning and Georgina D can’t wait to show you what she’s made of! As she slips out of that skirt and flashes her pantyhose she peels off that top as well and gives a good look at her perky [[tits|titties]] in that [[cute|naughty|soft]] blue bra.

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Posted by Mike on April 1st, 2023

Jo S is one of the all time favorite [[girls|teens|babes]] over at Only Opaques because she always looks drop dead gorgeous in a pair of stockings. If you have a thing for naughty teen babes in stockings or even pantyhose then you’re really going to love this newest set of pictures of Jo S and after you’ve seen all that Jo has to offer then you just have to keep on surfing through the girls of Only Opaques and you’ll find plenty more teen [[girls|babes]] ready to show off their nylons for you!

Just take a look at these pictures of Jo S as she starts off showing off those [[sexy|cute]] black stockings of hers in her tight black mini skirt and her tight pink tank top. Those huge tits almost [[pop|burst]] right out of her top and she can barely keep that skirt down to cover the tops of those [[silky|sheer]] black stockings! It’s not like anyone is complaining though because Jo has the perfect body! Watch as she slips out of that top and then lets that short skirt drop down to the floor to show off more of those soft [[nylon|sheer]] stockings!

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Posted by Mike on March 20th, 2023

Scarlett is a kinky brunette [[teen|babe]] who has a penchant for anything nylon, come to think of it Scarlett loves anything that gets her the attention of her favorite thing…guys! Scarlett just loves how guys look at her when she goes out in her sexy nylons and the brighter the color of her pantyhose the more attentions he gets which would explain why Scarlett loves her bright blue pantyhose! Scarlett isn’t the only [[naughty|sexy]] teen who loves nylons though! Over at Only Opaques you can find hundreds of delicious teen babes who just can’t wait to show off their sexy stockings and [[silky|sheer|soft]] pantyhose. From bright blue pantyhose to silky tan stockings Only Opaques has them all!

Take a look at these pictures of Scarlett as she starts off showing off in her cute clubbing outfit, her short black skirt and her tight black shirt combined with those sheer blue pantyhose! Before long Scarlett is laying down on the sofa with her skirt [[hiked|pulled]] up and she is flashing those [[sweet|cute]] panties of hers underneath her bright blue pantyhose! Scarlett isn’t the type of tease who doesn’t give you anything though and she soon slips out of her [[short|sexy|tight]] mini skirt to give you a better look at those silky pantyhose and her cute panties!

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Posted by Mike on March 17th, 2023

Cate Harrington is a sexy brunette tease who has a real penchant for dressing up in PVC. She just can’t get enough of the way that soft material feels against her skin, pulling it tight. If there is one thing that Cate loves more than PVC though it’s nylon and she can usually be found wearing a delicious pair of stockings or a sweet pair of [[soft|sheer]] nylons and try as you might you will never catch her without at least a pair of nylon leggings on. This sexy teen isn’t the only nylon lover around though, take a look over at Only Opaques and you will find a plethora of teen babes who just can’t wait to show off their sweet nylons for you!

Take a look at these pictures of Cate Harrington as she starts off showing off in her PVC dress and her smooth soft black stockings. Those sexy black high heels make her long legs look even more delicious as she bends over and grabs her heels to give you the perfect view of her sweet soft nylons. Rubbing her hands back up the sheer black [[stockings|nylons]] she flashes a smile before slipping out of that dress and her cute panties as well!

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Posted by Mike on March 14th, 2023

CC is a smoking hot blonde teen who just can’t help but show off in her delicious nylons! With a body like hers who can blame her for showing off though! Those long succulent legs look absolutely mouth watering in her diamond patterned pantyhose! CC isn’t the only cute teen in pantyhose over at Only Opaques though, you can find naughty teen [[babes|hotties]] over at Only Opaques on any day of the week and they are all ready and willing to show off their delicious pantyhose or stockings for you because these girls love nylons just as much as you guys do!

Take a look at these pictures of CC as she starts off by showing off in her cropped t-shirt and her cute pleated denim skirt and to top it all off she has those succulent black diamond patterned pantyhose on and she is more than happy to spread her legs just enough to show off the crotch of her pantyhose! As she slips out of her skirt CC flashes a peek at her panties underneath those soft nylons and soon she has slipped out of her cropped t-shirt as well and is showing off those perky [[tits|titties]]!

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Posted by Mike on January 23rd, 2023

Michaela is a cute brunette teen with long soft hair that slides down her back and makes her even more delicious to long hair [[fans|lovers]]. That said though Michaela has a huge sect of fans who follow her for one and only one reason, to see that mouth watering body of hers as she shows off in her soft sheer pantyhose and stockings! Michaela not only gets off on the soft smooth nylon against her skin but even more than that she gets off on knowing that you’re getting off on her showing off in her nylons over at Only Opaques!

Take a look at these pictures of Michaela as she shows off in her tight top and her short leather skirt, those studded black stockings and her tall black boots. As she sits down on the chair she lets her skirt [[slip|slide]] up her legs and show off the tops of her soft stockings. Those satin white bows just beg for you to peel down those stockings slowly over her thighs and down to her ankles. Michaela is such a tease though that she wants to peel them down all on her own to show off those smooth legs!

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Posted by Mike on October 28th, 2022

Take a look at these newest pictures that just went up over at Only Opaques! Carla is an all time favorite of Only Opaques fans, she even has a website of her very own because guys just fall all over themselves trying to get new [[pictures|photos]] of Carla! These newest pictures of Carla are just perfect for stocking and pantyhose lovers everywhere too, just get a load of those delicious red pantyhose!

Watch Carla in this set of pictures as she starts off wearing her tight clubbing top that hugs her perky tits tightly. Her short black mini skirt hugs her thighs and threatens to show off her plump juicy ass at any time each time she moves. As she poses her top starts to slip down and the very tops of her nipples are visible through the keyhole in her neckline. Carla slips down her top to reveal her juicy [[titties|tits]] and then she starts to slip out of her skirt as well to show off her delicious red pantyhose. As she poses she can’t help but run her hands up and down her soft nylons and as she teases her tits, pushing them together she spreads her legs to show her nylon covered panties.

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